Sunday, February 4, 2007

Judah Ben-Hur

It's a beautiful Sunday morning, 4th February 2007. I went to church at KL Baptist church (KLBC) as usual with my mom and Aldrin but this time Yung Han (my brother) came along. We had a memorable day at church because we had the opportunity to witness the performance outreach by David M. Sanborn, "co-director and star of the multi-million dollar hit musical, Judah Ben-Hur, who performed his one-man show about King David, SONG of the SHEPHERD." He also performed a song together with his mother Ellen (Director, Associate Producer, USA)

"With his impersonations of Arnold Schwarzenegger (as Goliath), Keanu Reeves, Sylvester Stallone, Gene Kelly, Sean Connery, Jim Carrey and more than a dozen others, you'll see why this one-man show has already won the hearts of some 50,000 people on four continents - and why critics call it "passionate, hilarious...truly breathtaking."*" (*Dan Duis, WCTN-Radio)

What critics have said about Sanborn:

"Sanborn performed a very entertaining one-man show, singing & playing several roles wonderfully." - MTV (on

"This man is someone to watch out for: his powerful voice and acting skills were apparent to all." - TODAY Magazine

Through his performance, I have been reminded of God's great love for all of us. And we should not be afraid to follow His plan and allow Him to be the center of our life. There would be pain and sufferings but God will deliver us if we really put our faith and eye on Jesus, we will see his deliverance and answers to our prayers. Because God created us and the universe, He said "it is good".

David were to travel back to U.S for the rehearsal this Tuesday, as Jesus in this 11 months time, which is why he's growing a beard for the role. I hope he will have his safe journey back home with his mom and that I would have the opportunity to see his performance again in the future. May God bless him and his family.

Today's church bulletin announcements "Back by popular demand - Pilgrimage to the Land of the Bible (April 26 - May 4)". This would be a trip to The Holy Land, Israel. I wish I had the financial capability to go. If not this time, maybe God will allow me to go next time if He so permits.