Friday, February 29, 2008

I'm back!

Wow! It has been a very busy week for me and work has taken hold of my blogging time for the past 1 week. Staying back late at work and juggling meetings, presentation preparation, solving programming queries and meeting out with friends, all this happen in this 1 week time. It is only until now that I have some spare time to update my humble blog. My sleep was greatly affected through out the whole week too. Having insomnia for alternate nights..... Hmmm... now I wonder whether it's all because I have changed my monitor positioning following my company's superstition on hiring a Fengshui master as what I have complained about on my previous post.

Althought some may say that Fengshui is a science, not superstition, I still beg to differ because of the fact that it was a "prediction" by the so called Fengshui expert and what they usually say is you have to wear some certain colour during a stipulated day/time to avoid so and so (bad things) from happening, or you've got to buy a crystal decoration (or what-so-ever item) to put at that exact location pin pointed so to increase wealth and prosperity, etc.. .etc.... All this is based on the so called "predictions" or calculations which they deem to be called scientific!?

It is also said that Fengshui is not superstitious because it's a study about our environments and how it affect our well being, and also about how we can live harmoniously within our surroundings. In the case that I was being "told" to follow what the Fengshui master said that I have to change my monitor positioning at my work desk so to reduce my work pressure, on contrary I had really felt my work pressure increasing after I obliged to making the change and this is what called living harmoniously within my surroundings!? If I really believe that it's actually the change in my monitor positioning that make me having insomnia since the change happen, then I would deem to be superstitious isn't it? But of course I am not going to believe that! What I believe on what's happening to me now is just because of my current contact with a fussy client and working long hours makes my mind restless on trying to solve working problems even during sleeping hours. It is an emmotional battle, in my case and all these are solved when I find solace in God.

Another thing that I could think of why Fengshui can be categorized as superstitious believe is for example, a business man has a lot of wearies, lack of peace, trouble sleeping, health deteriorating and business has not been good. He went to consult a Fengshui master and hence were given some solutions on how to combat his bad state. He follows what the Fengshui master said and make those adjustments like renovating his house, repainting his company building, etc... etc... and his bad situation improved. Instead of accepting the fact that it was because his lack of confidence in solving his business problem which brought about lots of weariness, unpeaceful mind which leads to sleep problems that eventually affected his health and business, he consulted a Fengshui master. He believe that the so called "good fengshui" helps him solved his problems. Instead of putting his trust, believe and prayers to God (which is free of charge) that could help him in times of need, he choose to rely on fengshui. So I think it's the state of a human mind on how they perceive things that makes them believe those things that they do, such as fengshui, which in a way, is kind of superstitous way of thinking. Our mind can be very deceiving and subject to evil thoughts or bad things provoked by the devil. Even we ourself cannot differentiate what is right and wrong sometimes. So where is the source of goodness that we can make reference to? Of course not through human such as Fengshui master because we are not error free. Therefore, I believe only God is able to provide a substantial solid point of reference in all things that we do and think because God is perfect and he controls all things. If God want to bless you with good health, wealth and prosperity, even if you pain your house black and wears black all your life God will bless you if it is God's will.

No offence to those who believe in Fengshui or other wise, I am just mearly saying that there is someone who holds divine power, who knows all things, who is perfect in everything, most reliable and trustable person that we all should believe in. He is God, our creator.

I want a new bed

I have been sleeping on the same bed for 20 years. I would like to have a new bed to replace the old one because I prefer a more modern look and design. Besides, my current bed was picked by my mom and I have been sleeping in it for the past 29 years. How many of us would have the opportunity to pick our own bed when we were young? If you have, wow! It was really a great opportunity. After all, you are the one who are going to be sleeping on it whether you like it or not.

Well, if I were to buy a new bed, I would choose Henly - upholstered beds because of its has a modern edge, has an impressive outline of the beds silhouette and a very smart contemporary looking headboard without the curve edge which I prefers the most. Another thing I like about this bed design I can have in built drawers for easy storage. It's not only practical, but also reduce my workload of having the need to do cleaning under the bed because with this design, there is minimal need to clean under the bed. Well, maybe I can hold on to this ideal and wait till I'm married. Shopping for a new home then would be a great fun. If I'm staying in a cold country, a Leather Beds would be nice too.


Since I have started taking on projects with needed me to program using a new software, I have gone through a series of training. Before I actually started programming with the new software. It was agreed that my company will send me over to UK, London for a 1 week of training. But the plan was changed later due to some local management decision. I was a little disappointed not being able to go to London for the training but still hoping that I get to go one day. Unlike attending Sales Training UK, my training would be more on the technicalities and how to improve work proficiency in order to optimise my productivity in producing a good programming outputs. I am keen to learn more and at the same time looking forward to visit UK in the future.

Accident compensation

Whenever we face any accidents or mishaps, it would be nice to have a trustable legal service that could help us make those insurance claims worth while. Some insurance company imposes a lot of difficult terms and conditions which their clients need to adhere to whenever they want to file a claim. Some claims could not be made or not being justified with the course of the event and the client who wants to make the claim would be faced with difficulties of getting the claim done. This is definitely not in favor with the clients who has paid lots of money to buy the insurance. When facing such situation, any client may source out legal help if they could afford it, especially those when they face accidents which they could not get or hard to get compensation to.

Keypoint Legal Services provides Accident Compensation service that is gets you the compensation you deserved. You do not need to pay anything if it was unsuccessful because they adopt a "No win no fee" agreement. They have a professional and specialized legal team that provides honest advise. You can rely on them to help you fight for the justice you deserved. After all, you have nothing to lose because you do not need to pay for the legal service if it is unsuccessful. If you need legal help to get compensation in the cause of an accident, give them a try!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Superstitious company

Yesterday evening just right before I finish off work for the day, I saw my company’s Admin Manager brought a man walking around the office. I thought there is going to be a renovation again but I was wrong. It turns out that the man is a fengshui master. I have known that my company hired fengshui master before as I have heard and see that we have some plants located at some particular place or some items being displayed or position in such a manner. But I have never thought that it will affect me.

Yesterday, as the fengshui master were touring around, he stopped at my place and mumbled something to the Admin Manager who are walking along with him. I couldn’t hear what they were saying and later they went in to my department manager’s room. Soon after they went off, my department manager came to me and told me that I have to shift my monitor position because they way I am sitting facing this way gave me a lot of pressure. I was dumbfounded as I really don’t expect someone to tell me to follow fengshui because I don’t believe in it and I do not feel pressure at all. And I told my manager I don’t feel pressured and I don’t believe in fengshui. But my manager insisted me to follow anyway and it is because the company is concern about us having work pressure working here. I was thinking…. Wow! Company where got so good to be so concern of their employee whether they are having too much pressure working here or not and waste the money to hire a fengshui master just for that har??!! It’s all bulls**t! I think it surely has something to do with money coming in to the company, just that they don’t want to give me the true reason.

And I thought a global company, having a Caucasian Managing Director won’t be bother much about this kind of fengshui thing. But in this case, I was wrong until it affect me so. I am a Christians and Christians should not adhere to such hocus pocus thing. It’s not right for me to follow also….. but what to do, I have to oblige since they insisted that I change my monitor positioning. Sigh… I don’t care, I just make slight adjustment as the position they want me to put the monitor would be too near to my face and I might have eye pain or dizziness staring at the monitor too near to my face. Do they expect me to see the doctor every now and then and they fork out my medical expenses? I don’t think so. That really spoils my happiness of working here.

*** Picture unrelated the these post. The little piggy deco is sitting on my work desk which was given to me by an ex-colleague manager.

Bed Bugs Guide

Bed Bugs feed on human blood and there are some types that feed on animals too. They usually live in mattresses, linens, sofas, carpets, books, phones or places within its crawling distance. They are not actually dangerous but their bites are annoying and could cause skin irritation and rashes. But it causes more harm to children especially if they have allergies so it is very important to make sure your home is free of bed bugs by using some form of bedbug control. For more information and guide regarding bed bugs, please logon to

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Monday, February 18, 2008

My Campbell Go Red Gift Pack

Slightly over two weeks ago I participated writing a blog post about the Campbell Go Red campaign in the help on fighting heart disease in women. A gift pack were being sent to me as a token of their appreciation. I received the gift pack last Thursday, which I didn’t expect for it to arrive so soon since it was being sent from the US. The gift pack contains a tote bag, a T-shirt, a brochure about the Go Red For Women Program that could be kept as a reminder, a Dynamite 2008 card (not sure what it’s for), and a company business card. What a good way to blog for a good cause and get a memorable gift in return! Thanks to Campbell for organizing it and also thanks to BDMM community for providing us this opportunity.

Friday, February 15, 2008

My Most Embarrassing Moment

I was commenting on one of Tot’s Mom’s blog post the other day and I suddenly thought of writing a post about it on my own blog since I was blatantly talking about my own experience on my comments there. It is about one of my most embarrassing moment. Then I think it’s good to make out another tag using this real life story that I am about to share. Hence making this to be my second time creating a tag after my first one quite some time ago.

My most embarrassing moment…. Here it goes….

My boyfriend, Aldrin is the youngest in his family of 5 siblings. His mom gave birth to him around age 40 years old. So, by the time I met him, his mom were in her 60’s. I thought quietly to myself that she was my boyfriend’s grandmother before he introduces her to me as his mom. I was a little surprised as she looks about the same age as my grandma. As I was still getting used to the new relationship with him in the beginning, there was a time I was at his house and we were chatting. I can’t remember exactly what we chatted about but I remember the following conversation….

Me: Tell your grandma......

(Before I finish my sentence.....)

Aldrin: Huh? What did you just called my mom?

Me: Huh? I was just saying tell your mom........

(And I pretended that I didn’t just address his mom as his grandma hoping that he believe he had heard it wrongly instead)

As early impression was important and that happened during the early days of my relationship with Aldrin, it was really embarrassing for me. I’m not sure if he still remembered it but it was funny when I think of it.

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Electronic item wish list

Since my work correspondence has been becoming more globalized. Most of my work involved around servicing clients from the UK and US countries, therefore there is an increasing need for me to have my own notebook computer so that I could have the flexibility to work at home during those odd working hours. Currently I am still using the normal desktop PC at the office. My company usually provides DELL business notebook computer but I wish to have my own and I am eyeing on the new Sony VAIO notebook since it launches. I like it’s sleek and stylish design with many colour of choice to choose from.

Thinking about electronic items, it reminds me that I should buy an extra television set at home for my mom. Being kind hearted in nature, my mom rather sacrifice her desire to watch her own choice of TV channel and let us watch whet ever pleases us. So I think it is best that I surprise her with a new TV just for her some time soon. And it would be great if I could find one which offers a free ASTRO installation that comes with the product purchased, so that my mom could enjoy all the nice satellite TV channel when she retires from work.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Shop till you drop!

It has been quite long since I last heard anyone saying this phrase “shop till you drop”. I used to hear it a lot during my college years as those were the times where I spend most of my free time shopping with friends or even done it alone almost every weekends. The funny thing is I had a lot more money to spend while I was studying comparing to my time now where I am earning my own money. Duh! It was really not that fun spending our own hard earned money; I guess that is why it seems I had a lot less money to spend now. Is there anyone else agree on this? Well, the phrase “shop till you drop” no longer express the state that I am now. Not sure if it still applies to my friends though. I do wonders whether my friends still shop heavily especially during those crazy sales time.

No matter what the financial state is, I believe every women likes shopping. Perhaps, it is only during those sales season there would be more “shop till you drop” activities going on around us. That’s why we see many shopping places are so crowded during that time of the year and people usually looks for discounts items. We may think it’s wise to buy those discounts items but beware that some shops might have marked up the prices before it were being sold at a lower price during sale period. When you know that you get con, it’s not really a wise move to buy those discounts items after all.

There is always this need to look for best deal items or best buy items lurking around in our hearts sometimes if not every time. Well, if you are extremely rich then price is not the matter. Never the less, when it comes to shopping, girls will go ga-ga over it. We love to compare items and prices too. No matter how difficult to get the item, we will still go after it and find a way to get it. Now it is even easier to shop with internet being so convenient to all of us. There are many housewives who do online shopping too. With having more and more online shopping websites offering more selections and low prices, perhaps online shopping would be the new “shop till you drop” place in the near future. Well, generally girls love shopping. So guys, get over with it, okay?

Furniture From Home – Online store

It is always good to do some own research before we buy furniture. As furniture items usually has a long term life span, things like shape, size, colour, functions, design, material, quality, prices, warranty, shipment and services are important aspect we need to consider when purchasing furniture. Such research can be easily accomplished by browsing through the various online furniture stores offers over the internet, such as

Instead of having those conventional types sofa, perhaps you should look at some sleeper sectional which are quite popular now. If you plan on buying a bed, it’s important to know what size suites your bedroom because you wouldn’t want to have a bed which are too big and make your bedroom looks cramp and no place for other things. offers good quality products and they welcome customer’s feedback and enquiries on anything pertaining to your interest and purchasing matter. They also guarantee that the furniture delivers to you in good condition in addition to their extra free special care and delivery service. For more information, logon to their website at

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

My Chinese New Year holidays

I was on holiday (away from work) since the 1st of February until 11th of February. But I did come back to office on a work emergency on the 5th Feb. which I spend 1 hour 15 minutes solving some data issues. Anyhow, this was my longest holiday break from work ever since I joined this current company. The feeling was nice and I feel rested. But I still hunger for a longer break. Maybe I am greedy or really sick of working.

Well, this Chinese New Year holiday wasn't a busy one for me. As usual, my whole family including my relatives staying in KL would go to my grandma's house in Pahang to celebrate the Chinese New Year occasion there. All of us would stay a night or two there, all 20 over of us will cramp up in one house. As years gone by, it seems that less and less of us gathering at my grandma's house during the most celebrated occasion. Some were married and most of them just drop by for visiting lunch or dinner but did not put up a night there. I think things started to change the most when my grandfather passed away. Well, for me and my family we went there on the eve of Chinese New Year, and we still put up a night or two. There is nothing out of the ordinary except I have to spend it without my sister around. We used to cramp up together in a room, sleeping with some other cousin sister. But this year I had the whole queen size bed to myself. Not that I like cramping, I just feel a little odd. Fortunately, my sister and her husband still able to make the effort to come to my grandma's house for lunch visit during the second day of Chinese New Year.

We started out early to my grandma's house on Chinese New Year eve. Woke up at 5.45am and left the house at 6.30am to avoid the traffic jams. The journey is not that long, it usually takes 1.5 hours time to reach. As I know it would be a boring time for me, I brought a novel to read during my 3 days 2 night stay there. The novel title is Midnight Bayou by Nora Roberts which belong to my sister. I was sure that I could finish the whole novel in two days time but I surprised myself by finished reading all the 385 pages in 12 hours on the first day I arrived. I slept at 12.45am after done reading.

The next day, we had vegetarian food. It has been a family tradition to have vegetarian food on the first day of Chinese New Year. It is only on the second day onwards dishes that contains meat would be served. I don't fancy eating at my grandma's house because the food there is not really to my liking. So I had lots and lots of Mandarine oranges instead. I also spend my time there watching TV and playing with my cousin's dog. It's a male dog name is Giorgio (sounds like my dog Jojo). He is so playful and friendly. I went back home to KL after lunch on the second day of Chinese New Year.

The thing I like best during Chinese New Year is receiving lots of ang pow (red packets). This is the privilege that I could still enjoys while I am still not married. I spent the remaining of my holidays resting at home, watching TV and playing computer games. So, today is my first day back to work after my holidays. I feel like I need to plan for another holiday break though in reality, that would not be happening anytime soon.....

My little house ideas

I like touring big houses especially those new ones. Since my Aunt shifted to her new house, I had the opportunity to do some house touring recently. I remember many years ago it was such a little adventure for me when I was young. My dad used to bring me to his friend’s house for visiting and being a small kid, it was easy to just go wondering around other people’s house and no one will blame me for being a snoop. As a kid, it’s easy to get away with practically anything, I presume. Well, I think it’s from my little childhood adventure that I got the interest in lurking around new houses and admiring their interior/outdoor designs and decorations. I think I will like it if I am able to visit historical buildings and places too.

Based on my last visit at my Aunt’s new house, I noticed that I haven’t lost touch on my creative and decorative sense when it comes to house decorating. I was quietly picturing on my mind on how I would decorate it if it were my own house. I noticed the house need some fine art lamps on the living room area as the original lighting of the new house was too plain and unattractive. Also, it would be nice if some fancy lighting such as those of Sea Gull lighting being fixed at some of the rooms and family room upstairs. For the outdoor garden area, it would make the place more lively and classy by just adding an artistic lighting such as those of Kichler landscape lighting arrays of choices. Well, when I have my own house, I would make it a cozy little home where everyone in my family will feel welcome and comfortable to stay.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Aunty Moi’s open house ~@ 02-02-08

Aunty Moi and family had just shifted over to their new bungalow and we went to their open house last Saturday. It was my first time to their new house and I am fascinated with some of the custom designed walls there. I like especially those at the washing area of the house. It was designed by another Aunt of mine who loves artistic designed items and she had made the effort to browse and select each and every piece of tiles designed to make an impressive combination of her own. I am sure the interior design work will cost more if it wasn’t for her artistic contributions.

Well, we went there early and reached there around 1pm for lunch. But it wasn’t until 3pm only the food were ready to be seved. My brother and I were famish because we didn’t have any breakfast but only a packet of McDonalds french fries we munched on the way to the open house. Lydia and I bought a Salt Stone with light as gift for Anuty Moi’s new house. The Salt Stone is believed to have healing power. I am not so sure if that’s true but it served well as a decoration anyway. I spend most of my time playing with a Shih Tzu dog belongs to on of Uncle MK’s relative. It’s a female dog named Puteri. We left around 6pm after the heavy rain stopped.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Present for Mom and Dad

Me and my siblings bought these Japanese wine called Choya Umeshu for my Mom and Dad (both were given a bottle each as a birthday present). This wine is very good for health as it is added with natural fruit called UME in Japanes. This fruit is the main ingredient of the wine and it gave a very nice sour taste to it. There are two types of flavors available; Choya Umeshu which is the natural flavor, and Choya Honey Umeshu which is the only difference is it was sweetened by honey.

The effectiveness of UME:
The UME fruit contains an extremely high amount of acid, as much as that of one lemon. Besides its own type of acid, the UME also contains other organic acids. These are highly recommended for the promotion of well-being and general good health. Although UME contains a lot of acids, it is however also a strong alkaline food. The consumption of excessive meat and dairy products and leading a more stressful life profile could increase the acid content in one's blood, and this could adversely affect liver function as well as the body metabolism. Also, th lactic acid level of the body will increase and this is one of the causes of fatigue.

The benefits of UMESHU:
Besides relieving fatigue, UMESHU also provides other benefits:

  • The mocrobiological flora in the skin of UME fruits helps to relieve stomach discomfort and upsets.
  • In Japan there is a tradition for cold sufferers to take UMESHU mixed with hot water in order to warm themselves up and induce a good sleep.
  • UMESHU increases the body metabolic rate and eliminates exhaustion.
  • Keeps blood clear and pure
Since the food properties in the fruit and stone are so varied, they are being widely used for the promotion of health and beauty purposes as well.

Serving suggestions: Choya + Ice, Choya + Orange juice, Choya + Soda, Choya + Green tea, Choya + Jelly, Choya + Ice-cream, and many more depending on your own creativity. The fruits is good to be eaten by itself too.

I bought the Choya Umeshu from a shop called Shojikiya at Lower Ground Floor, The Gardens, Mid Valley. Currently they are having promotions.

Friday, February 1, 2008

My favorite yoghurt

Yummy low fat yoghurt... I love to snack on it whenever possible. Great to have it as breakfast instead of having the high cholesterol, high calories nasi lemak, roti canai, fried mee or meehoon as most Malaysians does. I have tried various brands of low-fat yoghurt. Just very recently, I tried on Dutch Lady 0% Fat Yoghurt. Wow! I was surprised how tasty it was. Unlike the others which I have tried, it suites my taste buds perfectly well with less creamy, less sourness and less sweetness. Its texture is different too; reminds me of yoghurt ice-cream I had back in college time. So now I have discovered my favorite yoghurt! Oh, but not strawberries flavors please.

Shopping for HDTV

My mom wish to have another TV at home. We already had one in the living room but due to us always booked in front of the TV whenever we are home, my mom couldn’t watch her choice of TV program because she always gave in. Well, myself and my siblings would like to buy another TV for her too. Perhaps buying a HDTV would be good. If we could get one with great deal offer, that would be wonderful.

Browsing through the internet on pricing and HDTV information, I came across which is an online retailer for HDTVs and related products. They are most likely the lowest cost provider of it on the internet because their products are factory refurbished, factory closeouts and overstocks, end-of-life, open box and more. Many good quality product brands such as JVC, Sharp, Toshiba, Samsung, Denon, Marantz, Hitachi and more, are being sold there.

I also find that products sold at are really a great deal offer. The best thing is they not only sell lower priced items, they have further discount for a single item for a period of 24 hours which the deal changes daily. To ensure that buyers doesn’t miss out any great daily deal, buyers can sign up to receive it via email or RSS.