Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Superstitious company

Yesterday evening just right before I finish off work for the day, I saw my company’s Admin Manager brought a man walking around the office. I thought there is going to be a renovation again but I was wrong. It turns out that the man is a fengshui master. I have known that my company hired fengshui master before as I have heard and see that we have some plants located at some particular place or some items being displayed or position in such a manner. But I have never thought that it will affect me.

Yesterday, as the fengshui master were touring around, he stopped at my place and mumbled something to the Admin Manager who are walking along with him. I couldn’t hear what they were saying and later they went in to my department manager’s room. Soon after they went off, my department manager came to me and told me that I have to shift my monitor position because they way I am sitting facing this way gave me a lot of pressure. I was dumbfounded as I really don’t expect someone to tell me to follow fengshui because I don’t believe in it and I do not feel pressure at all. And I told my manager I don’t feel pressured and I don’t believe in fengshui. But my manager insisted me to follow anyway and it is because the company is concern about us having work pressure working here. I was thinking…. Wow! Company where got so good to be so concern of their employee whether they are having too much pressure working here or not and waste the money to hire a fengshui master just for that har??!! It’s all bulls**t! I think it surely has something to do with money coming in to the company, just that they don’t want to give me the true reason.

And I thought a global company, having a Caucasian Managing Director won’t be bother much about this kind of fengshui thing. But in this case, I was wrong until it affect me so. I am a Christians and Christians should not adhere to such hocus pocus thing. It’s not right for me to follow also….. but what to do, I have to oblige since they insisted that I change my monitor positioning. Sigh… I don’t care, I just make slight adjustment as the position they want me to put the monitor would be too near to my face and I might have eye pain or dizziness staring at the monitor too near to my face. Do they expect me to see the doctor every now and then and they fork out my medical expenses? I don’t think so. That really spoils my happiness of working here.

*** Picture unrelated the these post. The little piggy deco is sitting on my work desk which was given to me by an ex-colleague manager.


sting said...

well, I personally don't have any experiences with feng shui but I suppose if there's no harm to us, then it's ok to change...

however, if in your case, is there any other positions that you could move the monitor so that it won't affect you and also please the bosses? :-)

firethorn said...

Fengshui is not about superstitions. It's a study about our environments and how it affects our well being. It is also about how you can be harmonious within your surroundings.

It's been miscontrued as superstitions because people relates fengshui to good/back luck.

The master has probably noticed the way your monitor was positioned will affect where you will be facing. The direction you face will affect your concentration and mind subconciously. And that's why sometimes ppl don't like to sit facing a wall, or have ppl walking behind their backs.

I suggest you can rotate your monitor according to the master's advice but to an angle that suits you most. Afterall, you are the one sitting there! :-)

catherine said...

Hi Amidrin, yes I agree with you. Since we believe in the only God that reign the whole universe, we don't rely on anything else other than our God - idols, supertitous energy etc, to make our lives better. God is above all and He will bless to those who believe Him!

Tot's Mom said...

Sometimes, I don't want to believe either but then, when I look around and there are cases when feng shui helps, it is also hard to dispel such beliefs. Feng shui interests me in a way but I also think our fate lies in our own hands.

stubborn-daydreamer said...

Feng shui is really science, not exactly superstition but no doubt some sifus will try to say peculiar stuff probably to make money. Nothing to do with supernatural stuff I guess. The real fengshui I believe in, is about feeling good about how you sit and do your work, that means, no problems means good fengshui!XD

miche said...

Prosperity comes from God. Even if your monitor is under the desk, if He wants to bless, He will. LOL.

Amidrin said...

sting: Well, it's hard to adjust since the desk already is in a special L-shape where the middle end supposed to be where we put the monitor.

firethorn: Hmm... If fengshui is really a study about our environments and how it affects our well being, then why does the changes they want me to make seems to be affecting my health and peace of mind? The place I sit no matter how I position my monitor it will still affect my concentration unless they give me a personal room... haha... Anyway, I am most comfortable with my actual own arrangement previously.

Catherine: Yes, indeed. Well said.

tot's mom: I believe that fate lies in God's hand not by our own making or others.

stubborn-daydreamer: Since I have changed my monitor position, eventhough I have purposely make slight changes, I don't feel good about it. Base by your last statement, does it means bad fengshui as opposed to what the fengshui master said? hahaha.... If fengshui is science, and it says if you put that particular type of plant on that particular position your wealth will increase tremendously, where's the logic behind it?

miche: Yes, yes indeed! LOL... That's why I think it's ridiculous to follow.