Friday, February 1, 2008

My favorite yoghurt

Yummy low fat yoghurt... I love to snack on it whenever possible. Great to have it as breakfast instead of having the high cholesterol, high calories nasi lemak, roti canai, fried mee or meehoon as most Malaysians does. I have tried various brands of low-fat yoghurt. Just very recently, I tried on Dutch Lady 0% Fat Yoghurt. Wow! I was surprised how tasty it was. Unlike the others which I have tried, it suites my taste buds perfectly well with less creamy, less sourness and less sweetness. Its texture is different too; reminds me of yoghurt ice-cream I had back in college time. So now I have discovered my favorite yoghurt! Oh, but not strawberries flavors please.


sting said...

I love this too :-) and I used to have it for breakfast as an alternative to fruits (ya, I have fruits for breakfast.. while driving.. hehe)

Tot's Mom said...

Everytime I buy yoghurt for my son, it ends up getting expired in the fridge without him eating it. I think it's high time I put the yoghurt right at the front so that everytime I open the fridge, I know it is there and needs to be eaten!!

Catherine said...

Oh I love yoghurt too, especially the blueberries... Well, sometimes I use yoghurt to substitude mayonnaise as salad dressing. Ok, maybe it is less creamy (oily) and rich if compare with real mayonnaise, but you know, just for the sake of health concious. :)

Amidrin said...

sting: Oh, goody healthy breakfast you have too!

tot's mom: Yea, that happens to me once a while too. It should be kept in front of all other stuff in the fridge indeed.

catherine: I am sure it taste great as a salad dressing too. Will try that the next time I make salad. Thanks for sharing the tips!