Monday, December 31, 2007

Last day of 2007

Reflecting back on what had taken place in my life for this whole year of 2007, I surprise myself by not having any remorse feelings what so ever which I normally would. Neither do I feel happy nor sad that this year has come to an end and is quickly being replaced by another new year. I felt nothing….. as if it is just another dull and normal day of mine. Perhaps I am numb of all those girlish feelings after gone through so many hardships for the many past years. Or perhaps I had run out of the fun, trill and excitement feelings after gone through so many emotional break downs on the previous years, and the year after, and the year after, and the year after, and the year after…..

One thing for sure, I had experienced something new, which is I almost encounter death due to suspected allergic reaction to penicillin type antibiotic that I took for my throat infection. Although my medical diagnosis was inconclusive at that time, however I must take precautions on what kind of medication that I take in the future. They should have order for an allergy test to be conducted to determine the diagnosis but they did not. That’s just how the quality of doctors we have in government/semi-government hospitals these days. I am keeping my plan on having a complete full allergy test on my own expense when I have enough funding. I heard that it is quite expensive having it done on private hospital lab or private clinical lab. Who knows what else I am now allergic to if I do not find out now until it is shows life threatening conditions.

Another thing when people think/talk about during end of the year is past achievements. Wow! “Achievement”. It is quite a big word. It could reflect concurred success, acknowledgement of job well done, presented or un-presented award, and pride. This word reminds me so much of the trouble I have to go through during past interview sessions, filling up resume and applications forms and during work assessment time. Enough of writer’s block and squeezing the brain juice just to come up with putting on my past achievements on paper for those judging on how much I worth to them for hire, I am now doing that again while reflecting on what I had achieved in year 2007 so that it could be written down here. Disappointedly, I could not think of anything big where I could write down for me to remember, be proud of and reminds me to continue to maintain such achievable standard for next year.

Last but not least, if I could not think of any big achievement that makes a huge impact to my life, then I could at least think of the new year resolutions right? Sigh, my heart is heavy burden by a lot of things. Hence I am not going to set any new goals but I do have a few in mind which has always been the same from the past unachievable goals. I had enough stress now already so adding on new year resolutions now is not really a good idea to me I think. I will just going to focus on the few important existing goals and carry forward to next year, and keeping my fingers cross that it would be achieved next year. I will just submit everything to God and trust that He will help me solve it in due time.

Well, the more I think of this end of year and new year kind of thing, I am beginning to feel more and more disappointed at myself and at the one close to me. So, I am just going to stop right here. Good bye 2007, and welcome 2008!

Credit Card Search Engine

Have you ever felt indecisive and confuse of which credit card is the best for you? I have gone through that kind of emotional battle of which credit card to apply for before I finally settle on to the ones that I currently have. Imagine going through the time and hassle needed to speak to the bank officer or credit cards sales representative just to find out all the information you need on the line of credit cards they offers. And if you are a very particular person who wanted a specific credit card that suites your lifestyle, you could end up going to a few more other different banks for enquiries. I did that before, and at the end of the day, I end up so confuse and indecisive of which is better as the information is manually gathered in different locations and it was hard to make comparison.

I would be wonderful if I could search for all those credit card information at my locality and make comparison online. Such services being offered at are the best choice if you are living in the US country. Just like many other average income earner, an Average Credit Credit Cards is the best choice and it will also help us not to over spend on our credit limit that we would eventually might have trouble paying off the credit balance. This and all other kinds of credit card comparison could be found online at

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Best memories of 2007

This tag was passed down to me by Sting.

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For me, the year 2007 had a lot of happiness (and hope for 2008). Happiness because i see my son, grow and grow day by day. I have a great husband. I met lots of new friends from around the world via blogging ^_^ - Juliana RW

In 2007, I become happier than before because my hubby’s got promotion and sure his salary had been increased. This had made my life more comfortable but everything seemed to cost an arm and a leg nowadays. The happiest memory is I see Nelson’s tummy becoming bigger and bigger, he can now count number 1 to number 10, by my guidance. He loves eating and he enjoys every meal. He gives us a lot of happiness by the way he mimic our talking style and making such lovely faces. At first, I was so scared to look after him but now I hope he can be with me all the time. Even I feel tired everyday but I feel my life is meaningful. Hazel

Looking back at 2007, it signifies a few milestones of my life.. the major one of course being the birth of baby zen.. awwww... He was absolutely a delight, though there were times when we were so worried he was not getting enough milk.. as he wasn't gaining weight as much as he should. Now, looking at him, we feel that we had done something right in our lifetime to deserve such such a wonderful baby.. Thank you hubby for giving us baby zen :-) sting

This year has been another roller-coaster year for me. The best memories are the time when Aldrin uttered words of promises to me that things would be better this year onwards although until end of the year nothing much has improved. Also the best memories when I first got my pay slip and saw that it was true that I got a 47% salary raised from my lowly unjustified old salary. I am also happy to see my beloved sister happily got married and watching Jojo (my dog) grow up to be an adorable, beautiful and obedient 2 year old ;p - Amidrin

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I am tagging Lemonjude and Colleen.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Eve & Christmas Day 2007

This year Christmas eve falls on a Monday and I am working unlike many others who took a day off from work. My company department had a small Christmas lunch together and gift exchange party. The lunch was being organized in a pot-luck style. There were pastas, fried rice, cheese cakes, roast chicken, jellies, muffins, soft drinks, packet drinks and some junk food. Each of us contributed our share. Me and another colleague bought those muffins. Overall, the food tasted good and except for the muffins, roast chicken, drinks and junk food, the rest of it was home made! After our lunch we had the gift exchange session. Each of us has provided our gift to the organizer and it were being numbered. Coincidentally the gift that I provided was being given the number 7 which is my favorite number. To determine who gets which gift, we all each get to choose a number and that's the gift number we get. Want to know what I got from my company gift exchange? Stay tune, I will post on it later.

Last week there was a public holiday on Thursday and I took annual leave on Friday, so I had 4 days off from work. And my work on Christmas eve after the short holiday break was surprisingly busy. Replying work e-mails had taken a least half of my day. And my company allowed us to leave early at 4pm. So, I left around 4.15pm and it was raining very heavily at that time. More like a thunder storm. Well, as long as I could remember, it always rains on Christmas eve. I could remember the Christmas eve weather so clearly because I used to join my former church youth group for caroling on the night of Christmas eve. But I am not doing that since I left the church and join another church now. This year I had a nice quiet Christmas eve dinner with my mom.

This is the Christmas tree at home that I had mentioned setting it up alone on my earlier post. Been using the same Christmas tree for the past three years now. I am thinking of changing the decorations next year. Maybe make a theme for it like White Christmas as such. Hmm... buying those Christmas tree decorations doesn't come cheap. On second thoughts, maybe I would put off the idea for another year depending on my next year's budget. Oh! And I had got all the Christmas presents prepared on time amid my last minute shopping this year. Some of the presents are now below the Christmas tree and some I had given out to people. The big teddy bear and those soft toys are not part of the Christmas presents though. Hehehe....

I woked up at 8am on Christmas morning today to get ready for church. Aldrin came pick me up at 8.30am and we reach church just slightly over 9am. This year the church started the Baptism service first before the Christmas service began at 9.30am. There were around 50-60 people got baptised today. All went well and ended well. Christmas service ended at 11am.

After half a day gone by on Christmas day, I was being reminded of this one very important thing. What is the true meaning of Christmas? It's not all those presents we give or receive or the Christmas tree we had that makes it a day to be called Christmas day. Christmas is not Christmas without Jesus Christ who were born on 25th December to bring us hope, peace, love and salvation. He is the greatest gift ever.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Twenty questions tag

Been keeping this tag passed down from Lemonjude for a few days now and I have been pretty busy to blog lately. Sorry for the wait ya. Okay, here are my 20 questions and my answer to it. Look out for my own question and answer at the last one ;p

Remove 1 question from below, and add in your personal question, make it a total of 20 questions, then tag 8 people in your list, list them out at the end of this post.
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1. If you can have 1 dream to come true, what would it be?
To be with my Savior, Lord Jesus Christ.

2. You like rainy or sunny day? Why?
Sunny day because I do not need to worry about getting wet if I wish to go out.

3. At what age do you wish to marry?
Used to be 27 but now I am not sure.

4. What color do you like the most?

5. If you have the chance, what would you probably say to your beloved one?
Don't take my kindness and love for granted and take advantage of it even though it wasn't meant that way, but indirectly that's what it is if everything being analized correctly.

6. Where is the place that you want to go the most?
Eastern Europe.

7. Which part of you that you hate the most?
My tummy.

8. When you encounter a sad moment, what would you do?
Think about it a lot and be very quiet all the time.

9. What is it that you are afraid to lose the most?
My family, love ones and Jojo.

10. If you win $1 million, what would you do?
Buy house, pay off loans, quit job, have good investment, donate to charity or sponsor a child, go on holiday and buy a fantastic holiday trip for my parents.

11. If you meet someone that you love, would you confess to him/her? Or would you keep it to yourself and observe from afar?
Keep it to myself until he confess to me first.

12. List out 3 good points of the person who tagged you -
She is kind, caring, understanding, and friendly.

13. What are the requirements that you wish for your other half?
Have a better judgement, quit all his bad habits and attitude, keeping promises, have strong will to change to be better, believe and accept the Truth, the Way and the Light with the right perspective.

14. Till now, what is the moment that you regret the most?
I shouldn't have be so kind hearted and stubborn during the time when things started to go so badly four years ago.

15. Which type of person that you hate the most?
Bad attitude, lier, dishonest, and smokers!

16. What is your ambition?
Be a doctor but that is not going to happen.

17. What is the thing that will make you think he/she is bad?
Character and attitude.

18. Christmas is coming, who do you like to celebrate with?
Family and loved ones.

19. What do you think it’s the most important thing in your life?
Love for God, love for everyone that matters to me, have faith and the right perspective in life.

20. My question: Why do we have love?
We love because he first loved us ( 1 John 4:19 )

Not passing this tag to anyone right now but if anyone likes to do it, please feel free to do so.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Few days to Christmas

I could not imagine how fast this day has arrived. A moment ago I was just dilly-dally about in my daily mundane chores and the next thing I know, it is just few days to Christmas! I am recalling what I have been doing for the past 3 weeks and all I could remember is the thought of me calming myself down having the need to think of Christmas preparations and plans, but I kept putting it off because it was still a long way to go. Oh no, it's not that long way to go now.

Amid my lack of excitement and slowness to get things executed the way it should be, I am glad that at least I have the preparation part almost completely done in such a short period of time. But now just left the panning part which has not move an inch towards becoming a plan yet. I am disappointed that for the past recent years, Christmas as a joyous occasion has become somewhat dull and uneventful for me (except 2 years ago that we had Christmas party at home). Even more so disappointed that I could not do anything to change that important person's perspectives on the importance of Christmas.

I have previously had experienced a very wonderful Christmas, full of life, joy, love, hope, peace and it was all fruitful and merry. The feeling is like I am in cloud nine. Well, that was many, many years ago. Thinking about it just put tears in my eyes. Where has all those goodness gone to? When has it become dull, unhappy, couple with some turmoil follow up with some hear-braking moment, uneventful and lack of meaningful time spend and the day glide away just like that? Oh, how I wish all the wonderful moments could just stay a little longer, just enough for me to appreciate it during that time and warn me of the foolish mistakes that I was about to make. This reminds me of Blue Christmas, a song sung by Celine Dion.

Rambling, rambling, rambling.... that's all I am doing all these while by myself just before Christmas. What more better things that would be coming my way soon, I wonders. Well, the good thing is after much grumbling, I have finally put up the Christmas tree all by myself yesterday night. Well, I do not know why I felt reluctant to do it this year and I am all grumpy about it when mom pester to had it done. And I have had some Christmas gifts prepared and Christmas would not feel like Christmas without a Christmas tree! This, I have finally agree and made a point out of it. So from now onwards, I would most probably be setting up a Christmas tree every year without much hesitations. Oh! I might also post up a picture of the Christmas tree I set up at home once I had it capture on the camera.

It's few days to Christmas..... Will things turns out fun and lovely for Christmas this year? Or will it be yet another blue blue Christmas? Perhaps, I should start making it fun no matter how that special someone oppose to what I plan to do, and let the turmoil runs and heart break sets in until the fun part takes over everything? I have no more vibrant energy to go through all that again as it has been many times ago. Sigh.... What to do? Perhaps, I should just keep on rambling to myself until I forgets or pretends nothing ever happen.

Online Education

Many years before I have my current IT job, I have worked in a higher learning institution as a course consultant specializing in E-learning courses. Back then, E-learning or what is known as online study is quite new here in Asia but not in other Western countries. There used to be quite a few well reputable online degree program but it has now increased over the years. Why choosing online degree? Well, it provides flexible study schedule, the best choice for working adults to obtain a degree, cheaper in cost, and you can study independently while having lecture guided online material, online discussion group or online lecture session.

It is important to choose an accredited University with a good reputation specializing in online degree program such as Capella University. Being a fully online University, they offer graduate degree programs in business, information technology, education, health, human services, public safety, and psychology, and bachelor’s degree programs in business, information technology, health, and public safety. Find out more at their website

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Monday, December 17, 2007

Funny Picture Capture

I received this funny picture capture from a friend. I wonder who would put up this kind of sign in front of their shop. Who would frequent their shop or even waited at their shop for it to open. Haha... must be some funny kind of business they are operating. No body would operates their shops in such way right? Or you really know someone who does that do let me know. So that I won’t laugh at it again. Hahaha.....

Friday, December 14, 2007

Shopping success!

After many failed attempt to shop for anything the past few days, I finally bought something yesterday. I bought a nice keychain (see picture on the left) from ROOM, a shop selling nice and cute interior room items. The keychain is in the shape of a golf club. My company department is having a small Christmas eves party on the 24th December and we are having gift exchange session too. So, this keychain is my gift for the exchange. I wonder who will get it and whether they will like it or not. I have window shop around for almost a week before deciding what gift to get. Oh! Why do I even bother about that since many don’t even bother what they are buying for the gift exchange as long as it is within the stipulated budget. Hmm…. That’s typical human thinking. I was once like that too but somehow, I beg to differ this time.

After I bought the keychain, I still have time to shop around for some other things. I stop by a few shops selling women’s clothing, trying to look for a suitable blouse as Christmas gift for my mom. But I ended buying a nice pretty dress and a skirt for myself instead! It was unplanned but I saw that there is big discount and I found one really nice dress from Urban & Co. The normal price selling at RM 189, now less 70%. With a few wedding dinner coming this month up to February next year, this purchase on impulse pretty much justifies my action. Hahaha…. As for the skirt, it only cost me RM 39 (normal price RM 129). Then I head over to Metrojaya to buy the necklace that I have considered it for a few days. This necklace will goes with the blouse and skirt I am wearing for a friend’s wedding dinner tomorrow.

So, that’s what I have managed to buy so far. Well, it’s not much but it’s a start. I still have many other Christmas gift items to buy. Year end shopping money goes out like water. The only good news is, it’s Year End Sale time and it is Christmas time where we spread our love around and give gifts with good tidings!

Chrome Accessories for Truck

If you are driving a truck, having chrome accessories on it will make it look cool. Whether it is for door handles, headlight trim, mirror covers, door molding, wheel skins, ventvisors, gas door covers, pillar posts, tailgate handle covers, taillight bezels, rocker panels or billet grilles, all these you can find it at They come in chrome or stainless steel material. You do not need to worry whether they will fit your truck because these accessories are built to custom fit your truck. Most of the items are easy to install and does not cost much at all. If you order online and the amount total to over $100 (excludes over size items), you will get free shipping for your product purchased.

San Francisco Steakhouse

Here’s another great offer from San Francisco Steakhouse (Malaysia only). On their previous offer with a different menu, I have tried it out a few times during my office lunch hour. It is really a great promotion offer as the food price there is not cheap. With this Daily Set Lunch offer at RM13.90, I get to eat a complete western meal with appetizer, main course and deserts. I like their nice cozy restaurant setting. Their seats were so comfortable that I don’t feel having a nap there after the hearty meal.

This time they have just changed their Daily Set Lunch menu. It looks much better than the previous ones. I think I might go have it a try one of these days.

My Visual DNA

I saw this fun quiz from Lemonjude’s blog so I tried it out too. It’s a VisualDNA test that analyzes your personality from a series of images you choose. At the end of the test, it will list out the result together with a list of gifts that suites you. I do not know how accurate this is, but I just play just for fun. I found that some of the gift listed for me there I don’t quite like it.

My test result are as the following:

Images you selected

Your Report

You're a total traditionalist when it comes to the holiday season. You love
everything from eggnog to carol-singing, you throw yourself into it all 110%?..
Woe betide any scrooges who get in your way! You like bright lights and big
cities whether at home or away. So when it comes to holidays you want it fast,
furious and in your face. You'd be bored if it was any different. Family is
really important to you. In fact for you the most precious gift is to be able to
spend plenty of special time with the people you love most in the world. Your
idea of a good game generally involves a serious workout for your thumbs. It's
ridiculously addictive but you don't care. The holiday season is the perfect
opportunity to spend hours and hours improving your score!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Las Vegas

Have you watch the TV series called Las Vegas? I love to watch this T series ever since my sister bought a whole bunch of it in DVDs. I like watching the famous Ed Deline (James Caan) and the handsome Danny McCoy (Josh Duhamel) in the show where their job is running the day-to-day operation of the Montecito casino. There is also a lot of other handsome and beautiful girls with stylish nice outfit. I would always think of going there to have a feel of the fun and exiting things to do there.

There is a lot of things that can be done in Las Vegas. When you are there, of course you won't miss a sight of casino around everywhere you go. Other than gambling, you can watch Las Vegas Shows from the internationally recognized Cirque du Soleil Shows to the local flavor of true Vegas entertainment for you to choose from. You can check out the "Best of Vegas" at for planning your fun filled vacation there.

Laughter is the best medicine

I found this useful article about the benefits of laughter. Stop taking youself too seriously and start laughing your way to effective stress management, Here is how and why laughter is truly the best medicine:

  • Laugh initiates the release of beta-endorphins, those same natural relaxants that are released during exercise. Endorphins make you feel good and protect the immune system by decreasing cortisol, an immune system suppressor.
  • By looking at the humorous side of life, you shift your thinking away from a situation, clearing the way for stress relief.
  • Psychologist at the University of California-Davis, describe laughter as the perfect antidote to tension. It stimulates the immune systems, off-setting the immunosuppressive effects of stress.
  • Laughter helps you move away from anger and toward a positive closeness to other people, and positive social contact with others is essential for stress management.

Scared of walking alone on street

Ever since I almost got rob 5 years back, I have had this scared feelings of walking alone on the street even during day time. It happen when I was walking home from a near by bus stop at around noon time. I was holding a large bag on my right shoulder and was holding an umbrella on my right hand when out of a sudden a motorcycle pass by from behind with two guys riding on it, tried to snatch my bag. The guy riding behind was the one who grab my bag and with the motorcycle still moving, I fell and was being drag a few feet on the road because my bag got caught between my umbrella handle and my hand. I couldn't let go the bag because the string handle on my bag were tangled around my right hand together with my umbrella.

I let go a short shriek as I was lying flat on my stomach while being drag on the tar road. Luckily I was wearing a long jeans therefore my legs were not hurt but my right waist was quite badly hurt because of the dragging, it causes some of my flesh on my right waist being exposed and in contact with the hard tar road. I was just 4-5 more houses before I reach my house. Thank God the thief let go of my bag as he notice that I could not let go and I started screaming. It was a quite neighborhood that is why they are so brave to have done their crime in a broad day light. Once I was let free, I quickly got up and grab my bag and umbrella, and quickly run to my house. As I was opening the gate, I kept looking at those those two thief run away with their motorcycle and try to identify the number plate but they do not have one. The rider behind even looked back at me, I was so afraid that they will turn back for me knowing roughly which house I stay in. But fortunately they did not. I was alone at home during that time.

On the same day, I went to near by clinic to treat my injury. The doctor there told me that there has been a few similar cases for those past few days. Gosh! It this kind of thing was happening so rampant since then. It took me quite sometime to get over the incident and I was in pain for at least 2 weeks because of the injury. Sometimes I had nightmare after that. So, now whenever I walk on street and hear motorbike coming, my heart will skip a beat and I will have that scared feeling of being rob in that manner again.

I also remember later after what had happen to me, something quite similar almost happen to my mom too. She had to parked her car further outside that day and when she had just locked her car and walking away from it, a man in a motorcycle came from front, tried to snatch my mom's handphone which she was holding it at that time. His attempt was unsuccessful. However, instead of leaving the scene, the man still riding on his bike turn back, and this time he was holding a piece of wood waiting to strike my mom. My mom quickly shouted and people from near by house came out and the man was angry because he couldn't get to rob my mom, so he threw the wood aiming towards where my mom was standing. Luckily my mom was unhurt and nothing was lost during that bad incident. My mom called the police when my mom reach home that day.

These robbery cases has been happening so often these days. Robbers and thief now are becoming more and more brave in their deeds. Some unfortunate victims even sustain fatal injury and some has lost their life just like that. We always read about it in the news papers and never thought that it could happen to us or people we know. But the fact is, more and more people is experiencing this and it has become a common thing. Such as what happen quite recently as being describe by Sting on one of her blog post. Everyone please be extra careful and alert when you are out of the house and pray for God's protection to be upon you and your family and friends always.

Discount Disney Tickets

Many years ago when I was still a child, my dad went to Orlando as company trip. He went to Universal Studio, Sea World, Disney Land and some other Orlando theme parks. It was fun just by watching those photos he took on his trip there. And of course, he brought back many Walt Disney souvenirs for me and my siblings. We were happy just by getting those souvenirs, but would be happier if we got the chance to go there for a holiday too.

While planning for a holiday there in Orlando, the most intimidating factors are having the endless options of admission tickets to choose from. Disney tickets are now available for many days different days. To ensure you get the most out of your money spend on ticketing, you can purchase discounted Disney tickets from The guarantees the lowest prices. Currently they have Seaworld Tickets offer where you purchase one-day ticket and get 2nd day free. Go to their website to find out more on other discounted Disney tickets. It's a smart way to plan for your holiday.

Sick before Christmas

Since two days ago I have been sneezing all the time especially when I am in the office. Maybe it's due to the rainy season and the office air-conditioner environment is making me sick. I was hoping that I would not catch a cold right before Christmas as it has happen before. Well, it seems I can't beat nature. I am having a flu now. This is just so great (*sarcastically*) to be happening to me now when I have to attend a friend's wedding dinner in two days time! When I woke up for work this morning, my head hurts a little because of my nose block. Sigh... I just hope that it won't get any worst from now on. I am still going to pull myself up for the wedding dinner this Saturday no matter what....

Love should be true like this

I would just like to share this story I heard over the internet regarding a US military man who fought for US in the war against Iraq and after returning, he had got married with the girl he was in love with. I look at those pictures (below) is so touching yet it’s true.

Hats off to this girl. As far as I can see, she is one of the greatest women in the world too! If you were his girl friend even right before he went to war, will you still be marrying him having known that he won't look the same anymore after returning from war? If this is not true love, then tell me what it is.

Denver Magazine

How about having a magazine that caters to your local city news? Sounds good? Well, Denver Magazine is doing just that. It covers monthly features focusing on stories important to the city of Denver. Providing news on fashion trends, health and beauty secrets, local business news, political and cultural buzz to what’s hot in property of Denver. The magazine can be a source of information on what’s new in the city. If you are looking for a new place to stay, Denver magazine have the information need to help you get started. Large and small projects on building block for the future of the city were also showcase in the magazine and this is beneficial to investors on the look out. It also features all kinds of motor-driven modes of transport in each issue. Such a cool and fun magazine to have, featuring all the relevant news on the city of Denver.

DIY Skin Diagnosis

Ever since I started buying skin care products, I have been very skeptical on what those promoters always tried to recommend me to buy. Why? Because in my mind, I always has this thoughts that they are only there to sell those recommended products in order to boost up their sales target, and customers needs are always being over looked at. The most basic thing we need to know before buying any skin care product is knowing our skin type well. If trying on an endless products, but none of them seem to be taking effect, then it's probably wrong for your skin type.

Since I am not comfortable relying on other's opinion regarding what skin care product I should use, I have learn a few good to know tips on how to identify my skin types. To decipher dry, combination, oily or sensitive skin, wash face with a mild cleanser, pat dry and dab face with an oil blotter after half and hour. Then look out for these signs:

  • If skin is sensitive, red blotches will appear.
  • If it is dry, skin will feel tight and might leave flakes on the blotter.
  • If have oily skin, face will be oily all over.
  • If have combination skin, the T-zone will be the only area that is oily.
  • If none of the above is experienced, then it is consider normal skin.

Roti Canai & Nasi Lemak food Info

If you are living in Malaysia or other neighboring countries, you would have recognize these two famous local cuisine called Roti Canai and Nasi Lemak. These two types of food is usually consume during breakfast time although sometimes people do had it for lunch, dinner or as a snack. It is a very appetizing cuisine where you could find it almost anywhere in Malaysia. The price is very cheap to quite expensive depending on where you bought it from and it is a very popular food among the rich and poor alike. No matter how famous and delighted these two cuisines are, we could not run away from the fact that it poses great danger to our health if consumed too often.

Do you know that a piece of Roti Canai is equivalent to 5 km of jogging? This means that if you have jogged for 5 km and eat a Roti Canai after that, it is as if we did not jogged at all. Moreover, some people prefer having two pieces instead of one because the potion is so small. There is so much oil needed in making just a piece of Roti Canai. Considering where and who is making the Roti Canai, the hygiene aspect of it also need to be taken into consideration. It was calculated, that if you started work at the age of 20 and started eating Roti Canai for breakfast everyday, you will probably not going to live until the age of 55.

Nasi Lemak contains lots of coconut milk, hence it is also a high cholesterol food. Coconut milks were added into cooking the rice so that it has a very nice fragrance to it and that is what makes this dish famous. The rice by itself is good to be eaten just like that but there is usually a few serving of side dishes. And the side dishes such as sambal, fried anchovies, fried eggs, curry chicken, rending, and etc. are also food with high content of fat and cholesterol. However delicious and appetizing this food is, we cannot ignore the fact that it endangers our health.

As we grow older, our body system might not be function in the most optimum level as it used to be. So we should be kind and gentle to our body. The least the we could do is to be moderate in everything we do and watch out on our food intake. Eat healthy food. There is a saying “We might not know how important or valuable our health is until we looses it”. Some things spoilt cannot be reparable...

Flowers for your wedding

Flowers are being considered as magical item that suited every occasion. You would not want to miss having beautifully decorated fresh flowers especially on your wedding day. Getting your own fresh flowers could be very expensive because from where people usually purchase their order, those flowers would have to go through wholesalers and retailers price therefore the price is high when it reaches you (the end-customer). But you can save up to 75% on the flower cost if you order your fresh flowers from which their flowers are shipped overnight express from the flower farm where they are cut fresh, processed and placed in bulk bundles to be delivered to end-customers. The cost of shipping is included in the wholesale prices.

Wedding flowers packages form are very popular among their customers order. If you are planning for your wedding, you would not want to miss having some fresh rose petals as decorations. You can also choose a variety of bulk flowers for all occasions, such as premium bouquets, table arrangements, centerpieces, and wedding flower packages. Go to their website to find out more.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Busy writing

I have just grab a few great write up post to be completed in two days time. This is the first time I got 5 sponsored post to write about in a day. It could have been 6 instead of 5 but I decline accepting one because the topic is not interesting enough for me. I am so happy. But also worried that I might not have time to finish all before due date. Well, I am going to try my very best to complete all of them. Oh boy, 5 sponsored post and need at least 2 interim post in between them. I forsee that I would be composing like mad. But I would not jeopardize my blog content and I will still focus on making my blog nice and readable.

This year end shopping experience

Early this week, I had started doing my year end shopping for Christmas. The shooing mall is always packed this year round. With the mega year end sale that offers up to 70% discounts and buy one free one offer, it is a shopping heaven for shopaholics a like. But I am no shopaholic. For 3 days I came home with an empty handed.

I have a few things on mind that I wanted to buy but for these past 3 days I have only managed to scout around for those items, comparing designs and prices, considering which to buy, weighting and adjusting to my budget. Hence, at the end nothing ever got bought. I am not giving up just yet. This round of shopping is very important. At least I just could not miss shopping around for Christmas gift.

I am still planning and counting how many types of gifts I need to buy this Christmas. And the fact that I keep on changing my mind is definitely not helping. I wish I could just have RM500 extra to spend. That would make my burden and decision making much more manageable. Oh dear! Christmas is just two weeks away! And I am still scoring zero on the preparation part. I am really slow to start on my year end shopping this year. Looks like it would turn that I would be rushing here and there to buy this and that at here or there. Oh! That would be a crazy shopping mad rush for me. Arghhhh, I still hope not!

Luxury Residences

Over two years ago, I had the opportunity to be staying in a luxury resort-condo for a year while working. There is a beautiful swimming pool, breath taking landscapes, quiet, safe and clean environment, available resort facilities such as gym and sauna, a walk to the beach near by, and a very tight guarded security monitoring system. I could still remember the feeling of returning home from work there is like going on holiday everyday (for a year). That was really nice but now I am back to my home town.

If I could afford one luxury residence myself, I would like to have one similar to W South Beach Condo premierly located in South Florida. There is roughly 300 feet of glorious Miami Beach in the backyard, and there is a private beach accessible to residents. W South Beach has greet amenities, among one of the fines anywhere. There is two infinity-edge pools, a secret garden with private showers, private pool cabanas with flat screen TVs, two restaurants, business center services, wireless Internet, meeting rooms, concierge service and more. Whoever stays here live in the lap of luxury.

Important: Women's Right

I read about this important information quite long ago and it suddently cross my mind that I should share with everyone. This information is not just important to women alone, it is important to husbands, brothers, male friends and everyone out there so that you protect your love ones.

Okay, here it goes..... There was this young girl being raped by a man posing as a plain clothes police officer. It started when she was asked to come to the police station when she and her male friend didn't have a driver's license to show. The man posing as a plain clothes police officer sent the boy off to get his license and asked the girl to accompany him to the police station. The man took the girl instead to an isolated area where the horrendous crime was committed.

Now, here is the fact. The law clearly states that between 6 pm and 6am, a woman has the right to REFUSE to go to the Police Station, even if an arrest warrant has been issued against her. It is a procedural issue that a woman can be arrested between 6pm and 6 am, ONLY if she is arrested by a woman officer and taken to an ALL WOMEN police station. And if she is arrested by a male officer, it has to be proven that a woman officer was on duty at the time of arrest.

It is good for us to know our rights. To what extent it comes of use remains to be seen in any situation. But as they say, knowledge is power.

I am sure many did not know of this women's right. Please disseminate this piece of information to others.

Roller Blading Competion in Korea

Wow! I watched with amazement on this short video recorded during a Roller Blading Dance Competition held in Korea. This young little girl could dance with a roller blade through two rows of small cups being lined up in a straight line. Look how her legs could sway and glide through ever so gracefully. I think this could not be done by an adult. I wonder how long it takes her to train up like that. Her parents must have been very proud of her. How come we do not have such competition here in Malaysia? If I am not mistaken, this competition is held in Korea and the winner of 1st place is this little from China.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Protect your computer

Have you ever got hit by some viruses on your computer? If you have been using the computer with internet access for quite some time, I am sure had experience your computer being infected with some computer viruses one way or another. Eighteen years ago, my dad bought our first computer but during that time, we do not have internet connection yet. And there were a few occasion that we had to format the whole hard disk because it was infected with virus .Yes, computer virus has already existed since then and without internet connection, you would have thought your computer would not get infected with viruses. Well, this perception is wrong all together.

When we use our floppy disk or thumb drive from one computer to another, it is very easy for viruses travel from one computer to the other. So, if others computer has viruses and without knowingly you copied some files to your floppy disk or thumb drive, the virus will very like to have already attached themselves to the files you copied, and when you load in the copied files to your computer, then your computer will also be infected with the virus. With internet connection, your computer will be much more vulnerable to viruses through the constant uploading and downloading of data through internet cable. Therefore, it is very important to have good anti-virus protection software for your computer.

A good anti-virus software such as NOD32 is suitable for home and home office user. It provides the overall comprehensive features that are needed for protecting and eliminating computer viruses. You can purchase this NOD32 anti-virus software or other computer security software through Software Security Solutions. They offer 30 days money back guarantee and provides customer support through phone or online chat. I might just going to get myself one.

Great day at lunch

Today I had a wonderful day at lunch because my friend LemonJude, also my ex-colleague drop by to have lunch with me while she went there to do her shopping. It's been so long since we last meet up. I had always miss those wonderful times we had while working together and enjoying each others company during lunch time and sometimes go shopping together after working hours.

Although it was just a very short moment that we could have time spent together today, I had enjoyed it very much and we could still chat non-stop. After we parted, I still feel that there are yet many things that I have not been able to chat with her about due to time constrain. Just wish that I do not need to go back to work after lunch so that I could have more time to spend with her. Well, time just seems to pass by ever so quickly especially when you were enjoying your every moment, isn't it?

It is a very rare chance that we could meet up since she is married with a kid now. Just so blessed that her husband was not working today and he could look after their little boy at home. So, she could have her own freedom to shop and mingle around the whole day. Thanks for visiting me at my work place here today, my friend. You have made my boring work day fun and enjoyable. I wish there could be many more opportunity like this coming in the future. And thank you very much for the Christmas gift that you gave me today. You are the first who gave me one.

Monday, December 10, 2007

I've been tag

I've been tag by Sting. Thank you very much!

1. Do the following without complains.
2. Choose 5 people to do this quiz after you've done yours.
3. Tag the chosen one.
4. Start your post with "I've been tagged"

- Colour: Purple
- Food: Sushi
- Movie: Meet Joe Black
- Sport: Tennis
- Day: Christmas
- Season: Autumn
- Ice cream: Chocolate

Best friend: My sister
Crush: During secondary school (I am from all girl's school), there was this boy (from all boy's school) in the same school bus.....
Movie: Jurasic Park (first time went to cinema when I was still a small kid)
Music: Can't remember... I first being introduced to music when I study piano at age 6.

Drink: Soup
Car ride: On the way back home from work
Crush: Aldrin
Phone call: Judy
Cd played: None
Gone out with good friends: On 2nd December 2007

Broken a law: Once only - for not putting on the "P" sticker when I had just got my driving license and started driving near by on my own

Been arrested: Ohh... no of course.

I would like to pass this tag to Lemonjude and Tot's mum

Dream home

I have always like having my own home someday. I would have thought by the age of 30, I would have been able to invest money in my own home. But reality eats up my dream. As for now, I could only dream on how my home would turn out to be if I had one.

First thing for sure, I would have the power to choose where I want the location of my home to be, and what kind of household decorations I want to put in it. If I got the budget, I can fully instruct how I want my home to be renovated.

Yet, if I have lots of money, I would want to have a home like Florida Villas that have nice staying environment overlooking the sea. A nice home built near by a beach can provide a sense of relaxing and holidaying mood while staying there. This kind of home is not just suitable as a holiday home, but it also serve well as a permanent home. I would love to stay in a nice clean environment, with a touch of nature where you could hear the ocean waves hitting the shore near by. It is so stressful living in a city environment these days. It is definitely nice to come home to a nice relaxing home with good view after a day of stressful work everyday.

Perhaps, if I am a millionaire, I would think of migrating to other place which has such similar place like Florida Villas. So, what’s your dream home like?

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Part 3: Beloved Sister's Wedding ~@ 07-07-07

Here is the last part that I am going to talk about my beloved sister’s wedding. The first part is all about sentimental values and a synopsis of how the wedding turns out to be. The second part is all about what’s happening during the day time of the wedding day.

Continuing from the church wedding, we had some refreshments being served in the church compound. Everyone had not had our lunch yet so that’s our lunch! I took the time to mingle around with some of my relatives and friends. Too bad Aldrin went home early just when the refreshments started. Because we had group photos taken after that.

Around 1.15pm, me and my mom rush home to have our quick shower before heading over to the saloon to get our hair done. My mom went to her usual hair saloon, whereas I went to a saloon recommended by Amy, my childhood friend who is also a makeup artist (but my sister’s makeup was not done by her). Rushing to the saloon, reached there around 2.30pm and it was jam packed with customers. I waited 1 hour before it was my turn. Thank God I washed my hair during my quick shower before heading over to the hair saloon. This is the first time that I make the effort to have my hair set nicely, hence the saloon visit. Ahheem.... it’s my sister’s wedding you see, I have to look my best too ya! This saloon Amy recommended to me located not too far from my house. The price is cheap, I remember I only paid RM 35 for the hairdo and RM 5 for the glittering hair accessories I asked to add in. I ask the stylist to do whatever style she sees fit for me. The out come? Superbly stunning!

After my hairdo session around 4.30, both me and Amy head back over to my house where she did the makeup for me. This is also my very first time in having my makeup professionally done. Well, my friend, Amy is a makeup artist doing bridal makeup as a part-time job that’s why I say I have my makeup professionally done. Usually I just go out to any dinner or function without any makeup on. So, I was a little afraid that I would turn out weird or too unusual looking or worst of all, I might have some allergic reaction to the makeup product. But I took my risk. Sigh… I’m still a typical gal after all. Dare to risk in the name of “beauty”. Yikes! I am actually not that kind of a person okay. I just feel like looking my very best for my sister’s big day. After having everything on my face done, I insisted on not putting any lipstick on because I had really bad history of allergy on my lips which swollen up like a fish with a thick lips. Amy is really good. She could finish up my makeup in half an hour and it looks great! I really love it.

Not long after I finish my makeup, my mom reach home from her hair saloon. She had both her hair and makeup done over at the saloon. We were supposed to leave the house at 5pm to the Times Square Hotel where the wedding dinner was held, but we only managed to leave around 5.30pm. There is usually bad traffic jams on Saturday evening and I have to reach there by 6pm. We were slightly late, but everything was fine. My sister and her hubby already went there right after church.

I helped out at the reception area throughout the time until right before dinner started at 8.30pm. Yeah, the dinner started out too late because there were many who came late. I was tired and hungry at the same time but still have to put up a stand for the night. Most of my time were busy about at the reception area and I really feel bad for neglecting Aldrin for I had left him alone with my relatives whom he have not met before. Must have been a nightmare for him! I am so sorry, dear.

It was a quite a huge wedding banquet as there were 600 guesses attended and we had a huge ball room where we had our traditional Chinese 8 course dinner. The food presentation was interesting and the food was good. I ate a lot because I was very hungry. The dinner ended around 11pm but we reach home very late. The wedding was a success and although I am exhausted at the end of the day, but it were all definitely worth while. I am very happy for my sister but at the same time I also feel regret that I could not give her the best wedding gift ever.

Although a few months had pass by since your wedding day, I still wish you happy marriage and my God bless you both abundantly. I still miss all those times where we could always spend time around each other though we do meet up once a while. With the room we both shared throughout our lives, it still feels empty without you here. Maybe it always will......

Enterance to the ballroom

I was helping up at the reception area before dinner started.

The environment before dinner started.

Food presentation.

Here come the lovely couple.

I have just found out that my brother looks nice in pink.

Having some conversation with my brother. That's my real hair (doesn't know why it looks a little fake but I love it!). Nice makeup done by my friend, Amy.

The top part of the multi-tiered wedding cake.

Cake cutting.

Toasting time.

Look at the two fathers.... hahaha....

Sis, mom, grandma (mom's side), and me.

Dad is happy giving toast to friends and families.

No words is needed to say "I love you"

Mom looks stunning in black.

Farewell all... Thank you for comming.

This photo has some sentimental value to me.

Friday, December 7, 2007

What a small world!

Just a week ago I had ample free time so I was browsing through all the blogs in my blogroll. As I go through my brother-in-law’s blog, I had an itchy feeling that I should go through this flicker photo album too. And my, my what have I found there…. I saw a picture of my college mate which we have known for 10 years since college time. I was a little shocked and I keep on staring and staring at the pictures, checking each and every inch of their features on the photo to verify that they are indeed my friend (I did that although the names written there prove that it is them).

There were three of them in his flicker photo whom I known – Nixon (although I knew him with a different name in Chinese), Michelle & Colbert. I wanted to ask my brother-in-law right away on how he got to know them but he wasn’t online during that time. So, finally on Monday I got to ask him about it and I was sure he was as much surprised as I am to have found out that we knew them without us being aware of it. Such a small world indeed!

Well, Michelle & Colbert wedding dinner is coming next Saturday night and I would be attending it. Great to also found at that my brother-in-law and my sister is attending too. Good enough that I have accidentally found out earlier that we somehow knew each other, else I could imagine the shocking scenario when we only found out about it during the wedding dinner next Saturday (*laugh out loud*).

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Organic Kava health food intake

Kava is a plant known to originates from the Pacific island of Hawaii. It is widely marketed in Western countries as herbal medicine against stress and anxiety. Kona Kava Farm grows their kava in an organic certified environment. They produce good quality and very safe for consumption product. The Kava Root allows healing and restore balance to you life, which is believe to have come from the ancient wisdom of Hawaii.

The effects of Kava last about an hour and the dosage is depends on individual body. However, please follow the recommended maximum daily intake provided by FDA. Kona Kava Farm use only the roots of the Kava plants. Their kava are some of the most potent and safe because they are 90% lateral roots and are 10% underground. None of their product has ever been linked to any liver damage because they never use the stems or leaves of the plant which could damage the liver. So, knowing that Kava is safe, try it out for yourself to reduce stress, for light enjoyment and for a better well being.

Where can old folks go?

There was once a time where I was being hospitalized a few days, I got to know from a patient staying in the same hospital bed beside me that her own family has neglected her. She’s an old lady around the age of late 50’s or early 60’s who has already retired from her job. Since her retirement, she can now get all her money from the EPF (Employees Provident Fund) and her daughter who is married with 5 children still staying with her, is eyeing on her money.

This old lady told me of her sad life where her own daughter is lazy to work and the son-in-law is also a slack. They rely on her to give them money and a place to stay and she’s not a wealthy person herself. She countless times advise them to get a real job, be independent to support themselves and their family, but all they could say to her is, if she give them all her EPF savings then only they have money to be successful. Her daughter not only always asked her for money, but also does not bother to even visit her in the hospital where it was only a walking distance from home.

This is a very sad poor old lady. I could not understand how her own flesh and blood could treat her like that. By the way her own daughter treated her, I think she can consider she does not have this daughter at all. Where has their love, compassion and humanity goes? If I am the old lady, I won’t give them any more money and I would consider enrolling myself to a nursing home. At least in a nursing home there would have someone who could look after her and she could make friends with people her age group. In a care home residents, people can actually have a balance between independence and communal living.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

One word EQUALS 20 grains of rice

Do you know that 25,000 people die each day from hunger or hunger-related causes and most of them are children? This is a very sad piece of fact when we were all so complacent here; most of us have at least 3 meals a day not to mention having some snack in between our meal time! Many of us also tends to waste food a lot, I for instance, have just thrown away ¼ of my cheese burger during lunch today. Compare to many other poor nations, we should be thankful to be living right where we are.

There is a way to help the poor while you could improve your vocabulary, you are donating 20 grains of rice with one correct word you get through this website If you ask, will the rice you donated make any difference? Well, to a mother or father watching their beloved child die in their arm of hunger, the rice we donate is more precious than anything else in the world.

So lets us all help the poor by this simple gesture that in turn help ourselves by improving our vocabulary. Lets do our share to show love and care for those in need. If before this, anyone who says they do not have the money to do charity, this is no excuse. Having a computer with an internet access is a luxury. Do not forget who we are.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Holidays booking

It's year end now. Many would plan to go on holiday trip with family or friends. Looking for the best hotel booking rate is easy with Hotel Reservations You can search for hotels, vacation packages, vacation rentals, car rentals and flights available on your departure date. They also provide destination guide that could help you research and plan your trip. Bookings could be made online or through a tool-free number stated at website. Great savings of up to 70% off could be obtain and they provide guaranteed lower rates with $100 rebate.

Monday, December 3, 2007

First shocking news on job appraisal day

Today I had my year end appraisal done. Due to the nature of my work which my immediate superior is based in London, I would have my appraisal done by teleconferencing. This is the second time that I have had my appraisal done in such a way since I started joining this new work team in April this year.

I can't say that I am very happy with the outcome of the appraisal and neither am I unhappy about it. It is mainly due to a shocking news my bosses told me about their new arrangements for me. They told me, the big big boss has proposed that I would be moved out from this team that I am in and would be moving over to another newly created team for global Healthcare. As I have been working here since March 2003, this news is shocking, well at least I am really dumb folded. He further ask me how I feel about it. Duh! I was speachless.... but it was a teleconference, hence he couldn't see my expression. I was babbling... just say "I feel okay".

When I received this news, I really feel like I was being outcast, that they don't need me anymore in this team. It was said that only a week ago that this proposed new arrangement has been let known to my bosses. So little information is known a the moment, so no wonder I feel a little bad about it. Though my boss try to make it sound as good as it is for the new transition to set in for me, I am still skeptical on whether it is actually a promotion or a demotion. But one thing for sure, with the new arrangement set in, I will have more support back here in Malaysia.

Despite the shocking news, the appraisal generally goes well. With the new appraisal form format where by we could provide our own rating and justifications, my boss also did give me generally the same rating as what I have given for myself except just for 2 or 3 areas. I wonder why I could not be more proud of myself each time after the appraisal is over despite the many good comments they gave. Is it because I have actually not done good enough? Have I set too high an expectation for myself? Am I a perfectionist for that matter? Well, I certainly do want to feel completely satisfied with my job on day.

I think I should give thanks to God more often in order to see the many blessings God has bestow upon me. Huh! At least have to be thankful that I still have my job!

Thinking of buying insurance

Has insurance been a thing that we all must have one way or another? Hmm.... I think it's good to have insurance because it could provide us a sense of security if whatever thing happen to us, we can be sure that things could be much more manageable with the money we could get from investing in a good insurance policy.

Besides life insurance, or medical insurance, there is investment type insurance too. With the many types of insurance now in the market, it's time to look for those which could enable us to Save Money on Insurance. As many of us do not have very much to spend and with the little money that we have, it is important to have a solid good insurance which doesn't burns a hole in our pocket.

In the future when I have my own family, I will look into having Life Family Plan Premium or anything that got to do with Family Insurance. It's a good way on keeping my family safe and would have some financial help taken care of in the future.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Want to see what a heart break is like?

This is so cuteeee yet "heart-breaking". Must watch!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Health Tips

I got this nice going tag from Lemonjude. It’s good to be reminded of the importance of living a healthy fruitful life. Lets us all share some tips we know about achieving a healthy body, mind and soul.

Copy the whole thing, skim the list and put a * star beside those that you like. (Check out especially the * starred ones.) Share one of your own health tip (tip on how to be more healthy) with others. Try to make your tip short but informative. Tag at least 2 person.

1. Be happy - Everyday health and beauty
2. Be contented with what God Bless us - chanelwong
3. Be faithful - Ruth
4. Laugh a lot - Chinnee
5. Take time out for rest and relaxation - Kiasumum
6. Always think positive - MummyInVain
7. Sleep early and drink more water - Lemonjude
8. Go to the dentist every six month - Amidrin

Let's share one of your health tips Sting and Michelle

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Art of Being Well

How I wish that I may never grow old and stay young forever. I think many of us will have this kind of thoughts especially when we get old and our organ and body systems began to loose its functions. I remember just a few years back, whatever problems I had, my health is the least of the problem. But now seeing my parent’s got older and having some health issues to be dealt with, my perception of literally taking my health for granted has changed over time.

No doubt, I am still in my twenties but my mom told me that I should better take care of my health while I am still young because once you are older and fall sick, the worst thing is knowing that you could prevent those kind of sickness from happening if you just pay attention to your health. You cannot turn back time and no use feeling regret about it later. It is just like when you were enjoying yourself speed driving in a busy road and got to a very bad accident and lost a limb. Or the most common thing are many smokers among us. All smokers knows smoking is bad for health and they are not afraid of it because it takes quite a long time before they really fall sick. But when they do or their love ones had cancer due to being second hand smoker, most of them will regret it for the rest of their life. It’s no use crying over spilt milk.

Some information here on the topic The Art of Being Well by Dr. Dráuzio Varella.

If you don’t want to be ill… Speak your feelings.
Emotions and feelings that are hidden, repressed, end in illnesses such as gastritis, ulcer, lumbar pains, and spinal problem. With time, the repression of the feelings degenerates to become cancer. So, we should find a confidante, to share our intimacy, ours "secret", our errors! The dialogue, the speech, the word, is a powerful remedy and an excellent therapy!

If you don’t want to be ill… Make decisions.
The undecided person remains in doubt, in anxiety, in anguish. Indecision accumulates problems, worries and aggressions. Human history is made of decisions. To decide is precisely to know to renounce, to know to lose advantages and values to win others. The undecided people are victims of gastric ailments, nervous pains and problems of the skin.

If you don’t want to be ill… Find solutions.
Negative people do not find solutions and they enlarge problems. They prefer lamentation, gossip, and pessimism. It is better to light a match than to regret the darkness. A bee is small, but produces one of the sweetest things that exist. We are what we think. The negative thought generates negative energy that is transformed into illness.

If you don’t want to be ill… Don’t live by appearances.
Who hides reality, pretends, poses and always wants to give the impression of being well. He wants to be seen as perfect, easy-going, etc. but is accumulating tons of weight. Don’t be a bronze statue with feet of clay. There is nothing worse for the health than to live on appearances and facades. These are people with a lot of varnish and little root. Their destiny is the pharmacy, the hospital and pain.

If you don’t want to be ill… Accept.
The refusal of acceptance and the absence of self-esteem, make us alienate ourselves. Being at one with ourselves is the core of a healthy life. Those who do not accept this, become envious, jealous, imitators, ultra-competitive, destructive. Be accepted, accept that you are accepted, accept the criticisms. This is wisdom, good sense and good therapy.

If you don’t want to be ill… Trust.
Who does not trust, does not communicate, is not opened, is not related, does not create deep and stable relations, does not know to have true friendships. Without confidence, there is not relationship. Distrust is a lack of faith in you and in faith itself.
If you don’t want to be ill… Do not live life sadly.
Good humor. Laughter. Rest. Happiness. These replenish health and bring long life. The happy person has the gift to improve the environment wherever they live. “Good humor saves us from the hands of the doctor". Happiness is health and therapy.

On my personal note, prayers play a very important role too. I felt the below passage from the Bible very comforting.

28"Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest…”
Matthew 11:28 (NIV)

Home Medical Supplies

Whenever I go out for a few days trip for holiday, I would usually go searching for some small pill box (like a very small plastic bottle) where I could store my daily boost of vitamins. But those small portable pill box is hard to find. I could not find it any where in the pharmacies here. What they usually have are those 7 days pill box which doesn’t suite my fancy. But now I know that I could find what I need from

What is more convenient than shopping online for home medical items? has over 50 thousand products offer at their online retail website. You can shop by category, shop by brand, and shop by condition. Besides selling medical equipment and home health care supplies, also sells mainstream consumer products such as Nutritional Dietary Supplements, Exercise & Fitness Equipment, Maternity/Baby Supplies and Outdoor Gear.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Guys only gaze at pretty girls?

At the usual bus stop underneath an LRT station is where I waited for the “free ride” bus, if I took the LRT to work in the morning. Sometimes it takes longer than usual for the bus to arrive; hence what I do during the interim time is observed my surroundings area besides day dream once in a while.

I can’t help but noticed that a lot of guys like to look at girls. Not just look at the girl, and look somewhere else. But it’s the kind of look where they look at the girl (3 seconds), then look somewhere else, then look at the girl (a few more seconds), if the girl not looking their way, they will stare and gaze at the girl for a longer time until probably when they feel embarrass (which I lightly think they would), they would stop. Thinking of this, the guys probably has a reason for doing it because the girl is pretty and pleasant to the eyes? Mind you, they gaze at the girls from head to toes with a “drunkard” like expressions which I consider it rude! Only God knows what they where thinking at the back of their head.

It’s a normal perception that guys will gaze at pretty girls. No? If not, then they must be gay… Ops! Sorry, I don’t mean to offence anyone here. My point is, usually guys only look at pretty girls. But I found out something interesting but not really unusual. There’s a time where there is this over size girl walking pass, and immediately I try to look around trying to catch if there is any guys there gazing at the over size looking girl. Oh! And I found that there is! And the guys look at her from head to toes too. I think the only difference is they would have a totally different kind of perception or crude thinking on the over size girl comparing to any pretty girls they saw.

Before jumping into any conclusion, I had my little observation for 3 more months. And I extended my place of observation to restaurants and eateries places. In my observation, guys do normally gaze at pretty girls and also those not so pretty but pleasant looking enough. If they were together with their male group of friends, they will usually tell their friends there and then on their “sported treasure” and probably have their topic of discussion on girls. If you are an over size girl, the worst place you would want to be gazed at is at eateries places. Because the guys will not only look at your appearance, they will also look at what you have ordered for food and see how you eat. So, who still thinks that guys only gaze at pretty girls?

It seems cruel on how society views the subject of beauty and what’s acceptable or not. But that’s the way it is. Note the above does not apply to older woman which would be an entirely different scenario. Yet, the subject of beauty is a grey area which we could not draw a line to differentiate what is acceptable or not. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

"Beauty in things exists merely in the mind which contemplates them."
David Hume's Essays, Moral and Political, 1742

Sunday, November 25, 2007

True Blue Award

I have got a True Blue Award from Lemonjude and Sting. It's really a nice sentimental award that is very meaningful. I am really thankful to them for sending me this award too.

Dolphins are blue, so true blue, calm in the storm, they never sleep,so ever-present, they’re friendly, so amicable, accountable, dependable,and protective. This award is presented for bloggers whoalways stand by you!

And I would definitely be sending this award to Teddy, rin-yen and firethorn. If I could, I would like to forward this award to Lemonjude and Sting too. Thank you for always there by me.

Friday, November 23, 2007

8 Ways to Scare a Telemarketer

I had a little laugh having read this funny but useful tips on how you could scare off telemarketers. If you are constantly at home, especially SAHM, you would probably have experienced having some strangers calling you trying to sell you something.

For me, I am most annoyed by banks or insurance company calling me on my mobile phone asking me to buy their so called special insurance plan. They would say that it only takes about 5 minutes to listen to the insurance plan they are proposing and they spoke like a bullet train. How am I supposed to digest everything and with clear understanding on the insurance plan in 5 minutes before deciding to purchase it right at that moment? They will also further persuade me to agree with it because the registrations is simple, just by saying yes the required monthly insurance premiums need to be paid will be automatically charged to my credit card and they will send me the details in 2 weeks time. I wonder how many of you out there has fallen into this selling schemes and how many have actually taken but cancel off later.

Here are the 8 ways to scare a telemarketer that I read about:-

1. Ask him to talk v-e-r-y slooooowly, because you want to write down every word he says.

2. When he introduces himself (eh. Sam), immediately say, “Wah piang eh? Sam! Long time no see, man! How are you! Are you still living in that old place?” This should stun Sam for a while, as he scrambles to remember where he might know you from.

3. After he finishes his marketing spiel, tell him he must marry you first before you sign on.

4. If he says he’s Tan Ah Seng from ABC Pte. Ltd., ask him to spell his name. Then ask him to spell his company name. Then ask him where it’s located. Continue asking
him personal questions about the company for as long as you feel like it.

5. Insists the caller is actually your friend Benny, playing a joke. “Eh Benny, don’t like that leh! Stop playing the fool! Seriously, Benny, how’s your mother? Is she out of the hospital yet? Etc. etc.

6. After he finishes his pitch, say in a very creepy voice, “Thank you for calling
me. I don’t have many friends… you want to be my friend?”

7. If he asks “How are you?” Tell him, “Wah lau, got so many problems. My fish all
died, then my mother and father has this argument until the neighbors called the
police, and then it got worst, don’t know why, but my crotch was itching the whole day, so I went to the clinic and then…..” Continue till he hangs up.

8. Tell him you’re busy at the moment, and ask him for his home number so you can call him back. He’ll try to give his office number, but insists on his home number. When he says he can’t give his home number, ask him, “You don’t want some funny stranger calling you up at home and disturbing you, is it?”

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