Wednesday, December 5, 2007

One word EQUALS 20 grains of rice

Do you know that 25,000 people die each day from hunger or hunger-related causes and most of them are children? This is a very sad piece of fact when we were all so complacent here; most of us have at least 3 meals a day not to mention having some snack in between our meal time! Many of us also tends to waste food a lot, I for instance, have just thrown away ¼ of my cheese burger during lunch today. Compare to many other poor nations, we should be thankful to be living right where we are.

There is a way to help the poor while you could improve your vocabulary, you are donating 20 grains of rice with one correct word you get through this website If you ask, will the rice you donated make any difference? Well, to a mother or father watching their beloved child die in their arm of hunger, the rice we donate is more precious than anything else in the world.

So lets us all help the poor by this simple gesture that in turn help ourselves by improving our vocabulary. Lets do our share to show love and care for those in need. If before this, anyone who says they do not have the money to do charity, this is no excuse. Having a computer with an internet access is a luxury. Do not forget who we are.


Lana said...

Although sites like this & "Feed the Hungry," "Save the Rainforest" & similar "click to donate" sites give people that warm, fuzzy feeling, donations accrued are so small as to be relatively meaningless. People are still (& always) better off sending a check to their favorite charities (even $10 is much more than these websites will provide, unless you want to play freerice all day, every day.)

sting said...

this had been around for quite some time I think.. if they are genuine, well, that's good... I'm all for it :-)

Amidrin said...

Iana - Yes, I do think that donation in money form is better but many large organization do organize their own form of charity besides money donation. And I think it's also not wrong to support these group such as UN, WHO, and some other non-profit organization if we sees what they do goes to good cause. The bottom line is, I think it still lies with the donor's view on which way they think could help up more. Anyway, it's little better than none at all eh?

sting - this is FreeRice programme is genuine. I have check though the website info and it's supported by United Nation. Anyway, they are not asking for money, all you loose is some of your free time and perhaps improve your vocabulary?