Monday, December 3, 2007

First shocking news on job appraisal day

Today I had my year end appraisal done. Due to the nature of my work which my immediate superior is based in London, I would have my appraisal done by teleconferencing. This is the second time that I have had my appraisal done in such a way since I started joining this new work team in April this year.

I can't say that I am very happy with the outcome of the appraisal and neither am I unhappy about it. It is mainly due to a shocking news my bosses told me about their new arrangements for me. They told me, the big big boss has proposed that I would be moved out from this team that I am in and would be moving over to another newly created team for global Healthcare. As I have been working here since March 2003, this news is shocking, well at least I am really dumb folded. He further ask me how I feel about it. Duh! I was speachless.... but it was a teleconference, hence he couldn't see my expression. I was babbling... just say "I feel okay".

When I received this news, I really feel like I was being outcast, that they don't need me anymore in this team. It was said that only a week ago that this proposed new arrangement has been let known to my bosses. So little information is known a the moment, so no wonder I feel a little bad about it. Though my boss try to make it sound as good as it is for the new transition to set in for me, I am still skeptical on whether it is actually a promotion or a demotion. But one thing for sure, with the new arrangement set in, I will have more support back here in Malaysia.

Despite the shocking news, the appraisal generally goes well. With the new appraisal form format where by we could provide our own rating and justifications, my boss also did give me generally the same rating as what I have given for myself except just for 2 or 3 areas. I wonder why I could not be more proud of myself each time after the appraisal is over despite the many good comments they gave. Is it because I have actually not done good enough? Have I set too high an expectation for myself? Am I a perfectionist for that matter? Well, I certainly do want to feel completely satisfied with my job on day.

I think I should give thanks to God more often in order to see the many blessings God has bestow upon me. Huh! At least have to be thankful that I still have my job!


firethorn said...

dear dear..
I dunno if this new role is something good or bad. Looking at your words, it hinted an uncertainty there.

Well, look at it this way. God will not put this to you if He thinks you can't handle this obstacle.

What I'll do in such appraisal tcon is:
1. ask why were you selected for the role & how he sees that you can contribute to this role? (to understd your strengths)
2. what's the company's plan for this new team setup? (to know what will happen in the near future)
3. ask what are the targets for this team? (knowing the position/importance of the team in your company)
4. trying asking more abt this role & the team members. (to know what's in it for you)

You can also try talking to other colleagues, or even current members of that team to understd how it's like working with them. This will surely make your role transition easier.

Do not be afraid to speak up if you think it's a bad move. Book a private time with your supervisor, express clearly your concerns and see if he can help you to address them. If you don't speak up, he'll never know what you think.

Remember, do not just accept and act like the rest. Because YOU are different :-)

Amidrin said...

Thank you very much for your valuable advise, firethorn. Yes, I have already done my part on finding out more just like you advised me on.

Actually there is no one that has done what they are planning for on this new arrangemet that they want me to goes into. Therefore, there is no one that I could refer to asking how it is like working with them. My bad, for not explaining it clearly on my post.

And my immediate managers does not even have any further information on this new team. They could only let me know this little about it as it was not from their planning but from one of our company Global Director for Healthcare division.

Also they have told me that it's good for me in terms of better exposure and could enhance my skill more. On whether I want to accept the transsition or not, it is not entirely up to me because both side managers and directors has already entirely agree on this. They just say they have a huge restructuring and I am in it.

stubborn-daydreamer said...

It will turn out long as you like what you are going to do in the new department. Since you have the on-job experience, they prolly think you are good enough for the new department :)