Friday, December 7, 2007

What a small world!

Just a week ago I had ample free time so I was browsing through all the blogs in my blogroll. As I go through my brother-in-law’s blog, I had an itchy feeling that I should go through this flicker photo album too. And my, my what have I found there…. I saw a picture of my college mate which we have known for 10 years since college time. I was a little shocked and I keep on staring and staring at the pictures, checking each and every inch of their features on the photo to verify that they are indeed my friend (I did that although the names written there prove that it is them).

There were three of them in his flicker photo whom I known – Nixon (although I knew him with a different name in Chinese), Michelle & Colbert. I wanted to ask my brother-in-law right away on how he got to know them but he wasn’t online during that time. So, finally on Monday I got to ask him about it and I was sure he was as much surprised as I am to have found out that we knew them without us being aware of it. Such a small world indeed!

Well, Michelle & Colbert wedding dinner is coming next Saturday night and I would be attending it. Great to also found at that my brother-in-law and my sister is attending too. Good enough that I have accidentally found out earlier that we somehow knew each other, else I could imagine the shocking scenario when we only found out about it during the wedding dinner next Saturday (*laugh out loud*).

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