Saturday, December 8, 2007

Part 3: Beloved Sister's Wedding ~@ 07-07-07

Here is the last part that I am going to talk about my beloved sister’s wedding. The first part is all about sentimental values and a synopsis of how the wedding turns out to be. The second part is all about what’s happening during the day time of the wedding day.

Continuing from the church wedding, we had some refreshments being served in the church compound. Everyone had not had our lunch yet so that’s our lunch! I took the time to mingle around with some of my relatives and friends. Too bad Aldrin went home early just when the refreshments started. Because we had group photos taken after that.

Around 1.15pm, me and my mom rush home to have our quick shower before heading over to the saloon to get our hair done. My mom went to her usual hair saloon, whereas I went to a saloon recommended by Amy, my childhood friend who is also a makeup artist (but my sister’s makeup was not done by her). Rushing to the saloon, reached there around 2.30pm and it was jam packed with customers. I waited 1 hour before it was my turn. Thank God I washed my hair during my quick shower before heading over to the hair saloon. This is the first time that I make the effort to have my hair set nicely, hence the saloon visit. Ahheem.... it’s my sister’s wedding you see, I have to look my best too ya! This saloon Amy recommended to me located not too far from my house. The price is cheap, I remember I only paid RM 35 for the hairdo and RM 5 for the glittering hair accessories I asked to add in. I ask the stylist to do whatever style she sees fit for me. The out come? Superbly stunning!

After my hairdo session around 4.30, both me and Amy head back over to my house where she did the makeup for me. This is also my very first time in having my makeup professionally done. Well, my friend, Amy is a makeup artist doing bridal makeup as a part-time job that’s why I say I have my makeup professionally done. Usually I just go out to any dinner or function without any makeup on. So, I was a little afraid that I would turn out weird or too unusual looking or worst of all, I might have some allergic reaction to the makeup product. But I took my risk. Sigh… I’m still a typical gal after all. Dare to risk in the name of “beauty”. Yikes! I am actually not that kind of a person okay. I just feel like looking my very best for my sister’s big day. After having everything on my face done, I insisted on not putting any lipstick on because I had really bad history of allergy on my lips which swollen up like a fish with a thick lips. Amy is really good. She could finish up my makeup in half an hour and it looks great! I really love it.

Not long after I finish my makeup, my mom reach home from her hair saloon. She had both her hair and makeup done over at the saloon. We were supposed to leave the house at 5pm to the Times Square Hotel where the wedding dinner was held, but we only managed to leave around 5.30pm. There is usually bad traffic jams on Saturday evening and I have to reach there by 6pm. We were slightly late, but everything was fine. My sister and her hubby already went there right after church.

I helped out at the reception area throughout the time until right before dinner started at 8.30pm. Yeah, the dinner started out too late because there were many who came late. I was tired and hungry at the same time but still have to put up a stand for the night. Most of my time were busy about at the reception area and I really feel bad for neglecting Aldrin for I had left him alone with my relatives whom he have not met before. Must have been a nightmare for him! I am so sorry, dear.

It was a quite a huge wedding banquet as there were 600 guesses attended and we had a huge ball room where we had our traditional Chinese 8 course dinner. The food presentation was interesting and the food was good. I ate a lot because I was very hungry. The dinner ended around 11pm but we reach home very late. The wedding was a success and although I am exhausted at the end of the day, but it were all definitely worth while. I am very happy for my sister but at the same time I also feel regret that I could not give her the best wedding gift ever.

Although a few months had pass by since your wedding day, I still wish you happy marriage and my God bless you both abundantly. I still miss all those times where we could always spend time around each other though we do meet up once a while. With the room we both shared throughout our lives, it still feels empty without you here. Maybe it always will......

Enterance to the ballroom

I was helping up at the reception area before dinner started.

The environment before dinner started.

Food presentation.

Here come the lovely couple.

I have just found out that my brother looks nice in pink.

Having some conversation with my brother. That's my real hair (doesn't know why it looks a little fake but I love it!). Nice makeup done by my friend, Amy.

The top part of the multi-tiered wedding cake.

Cake cutting.

Toasting time.

Look at the two fathers.... hahaha....

Sis, mom, grandma (mom's side), and me.

Dad is happy giving toast to friends and families.

No words is needed to say "I love you"

Mom looks stunning in black.

Farewell all... Thank you for comming.

This photo has some sentimental value to me.


Lemonjude said...

Thats so pretty of you there after a nice hairdo and make up...btw, you are already a natural beauty in real.

Blessed marriage to Lydia and David.

Amidrin said...

Thanks, Jude. Hehe... (*blushing*)

sting said...

oh goodie... part III.. hehe..

both you and your sis looked stunning!! the pictures were awesome.. and those smiles can melt anyone's heart :-)

Amidrin said...

thanks, sting. hehe... and also thanks for waiting for part III... ;p

Joeprah said...

First, I would like to say I found your blog through Tots Mom. Nice blog you have. Second, your family is beautiful and the occasion seems blessed with many friends and a supportive family. Third, wow, you look really good. Congrats!

Nice to meet you.

Amidrin said...

Hi joeprah, thank you for visiting my blog. On behalf of my sister and family, thank you.

Nice to meet you too!