Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Protect your computer

Have you ever got hit by some viruses on your computer? If you have been using the computer with internet access for quite some time, I am sure had experience your computer being infected with some computer viruses one way or another. Eighteen years ago, my dad bought our first computer but during that time, we do not have internet connection yet. And there were a few occasion that we had to format the whole hard disk because it was infected with virus .Yes, computer virus has already existed since then and without internet connection, you would have thought your computer would not get infected with viruses. Well, this perception is wrong all together.

When we use our floppy disk or thumb drive from one computer to another, it is very easy for viruses travel from one computer to the other. So, if others computer has viruses and without knowingly you copied some files to your floppy disk or thumb drive, the virus will very like to have already attached themselves to the files you copied, and when you load in the copied files to your computer, then your computer will also be infected with the virus. With internet connection, your computer will be much more vulnerable to viruses through the constant uploading and downloading of data through internet cable. Therefore, it is very important to have good anti-virus protection software for your computer.

A good anti-virus software such as NOD32 is suitable for home and home office user. It provides the overall comprehensive features that are needed for protecting and eliminating computer viruses. You can purchase this NOD32 anti-virus software or other computer security software through Software Security Solutions. They offer 30 days money back guarantee and provides customer support through phone or online chat. I might just going to get myself one.

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