Thursday, December 13, 2007

DIY Skin Diagnosis

Ever since I started buying skin care products, I have been very skeptical on what those promoters always tried to recommend me to buy. Why? Because in my mind, I always has this thoughts that they are only there to sell those recommended products in order to boost up their sales target, and customers needs are always being over looked at. The most basic thing we need to know before buying any skin care product is knowing our skin type well. If trying on an endless products, but none of them seem to be taking effect, then it's probably wrong for your skin type.

Since I am not comfortable relying on other's opinion regarding what skin care product I should use, I have learn a few good to know tips on how to identify my skin types. To decipher dry, combination, oily or sensitive skin, wash face with a mild cleanser, pat dry and dab face with an oil blotter after half and hour. Then look out for these signs:

  • If skin is sensitive, red blotches will appear.
  • If it is dry, skin will feel tight and might leave flakes on the blotter.
  • If have oily skin, face will be oily all over.
  • If have combination skin, the T-zone will be the only area that is oily.
  • If none of the above is experienced, then it is consider normal skin.

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