Thursday, December 13, 2007

Scared of walking alone on street

Ever since I almost got rob 5 years back, I have had this scared feelings of walking alone on the street even during day time. It happen when I was walking home from a near by bus stop at around noon time. I was holding a large bag on my right shoulder and was holding an umbrella on my right hand when out of a sudden a motorcycle pass by from behind with two guys riding on it, tried to snatch my bag. The guy riding behind was the one who grab my bag and with the motorcycle still moving, I fell and was being drag a few feet on the road because my bag got caught between my umbrella handle and my hand. I couldn't let go the bag because the string handle on my bag were tangled around my right hand together with my umbrella.

I let go a short shriek as I was lying flat on my stomach while being drag on the tar road. Luckily I was wearing a long jeans therefore my legs were not hurt but my right waist was quite badly hurt because of the dragging, it causes some of my flesh on my right waist being exposed and in contact with the hard tar road. I was just 4-5 more houses before I reach my house. Thank God the thief let go of my bag as he notice that I could not let go and I started screaming. It was a quite neighborhood that is why they are so brave to have done their crime in a broad day light. Once I was let free, I quickly got up and grab my bag and umbrella, and quickly run to my house. As I was opening the gate, I kept looking at those those two thief run away with their motorcycle and try to identify the number plate but they do not have one. The rider behind even looked back at me, I was so afraid that they will turn back for me knowing roughly which house I stay in. But fortunately they did not. I was alone at home during that time.

On the same day, I went to near by clinic to treat my injury. The doctor there told me that there has been a few similar cases for those past few days. Gosh! It this kind of thing was happening so rampant since then. It took me quite sometime to get over the incident and I was in pain for at least 2 weeks because of the injury. Sometimes I had nightmare after that. So, now whenever I walk on street and hear motorbike coming, my heart will skip a beat and I will have that scared feeling of being rob in that manner again.

I also remember later after what had happen to me, something quite similar almost happen to my mom too. She had to parked her car further outside that day and when she had just locked her car and walking away from it, a man in a motorcycle came from front, tried to snatch my mom's handphone which she was holding it at that time. His attempt was unsuccessful. However, instead of leaving the scene, the man still riding on his bike turn back, and this time he was holding a piece of wood waiting to strike my mom. My mom quickly shouted and people from near by house came out and the man was angry because he couldn't get to rob my mom, so he threw the wood aiming towards where my mom was standing. Luckily my mom was unhurt and nothing was lost during that bad incident. My mom called the police when my mom reach home that day.

These robbery cases has been happening so often these days. Robbers and thief now are becoming more and more brave in their deeds. Some unfortunate victims even sustain fatal injury and some has lost their life just like that. We always read about it in the news papers and never thought that it could happen to us or people we know. But the fact is, more and more people is experiencing this and it has become a common thing. Such as what happen quite recently as being describe by Sting on one of her blog post. Everyone please be extra careful and alert when you are out of the house and pray for God's protection to be upon you and your family and friends always.


sting said...

oh dear.. luckily you and your mum were not hurt too badly.. some more wanna get angry at your mum!! makes me feel really mad! :-)

Amidrin said...

yeah! That robber who wanted to rob my mom is really crazy to be angry at her on the wrong deed he was commiting.