Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Great day at lunch

Today I had a wonderful day at lunch because my friend LemonJude, also my ex-colleague drop by to have lunch with me while she went there to do her shopping. It's been so long since we last meet up. I had always miss those wonderful times we had while working together and enjoying each others company during lunch time and sometimes go shopping together after working hours.

Although it was just a very short moment that we could have time spent together today, I had enjoyed it very much and we could still chat non-stop. After we parted, I still feel that there are yet many things that I have not been able to chat with her about due to time constrain. Just wish that I do not need to go back to work after lunch so that I could have more time to spend with her. Well, time just seems to pass by ever so quickly especially when you were enjoying your every moment, isn't it?

It is a very rare chance that we could meet up since she is married with a kid now. Just so blessed that her husband was not working today and he could look after their little boy at home. So, she could have her own freedom to shop and mingle around the whole day. Thanks for visiting me at my work place here today, my friend. You have made my boring work day fun and enjoyable. I wish there could be many more opportunity like this coming in the future. And thank you very much for the Christmas gift that you gave me today. You are the first who gave me one.


Lemonjude said...

Thanks for the write up. It is great that can meet you again since 6 months ago I met with with my boy.

Thanks for accompany me for the good 1 hour more...of cause there always not enough time to do so many things in that short time.

I surely will drop by always when I'm there...

Have a blessed Christmas to you, Aldrin and your family too.

sting said...

that's sweet.. seldom is there colleague turned good friend.. so cherish the friendships ya..

Amidrin said...

Jude - Sure, I all ways look forward to meeting up with you. Blessed Christmas to you and your family too!

Sting - Ya, it's very rare for any colleague could turned out to be good friends. I do cherish this friendship very much ;p