Thursday, December 6, 2007

Organic Kava health food intake

Kava is a plant known to originates from the Pacific island of Hawaii. It is widely marketed in Western countries as herbal medicine against stress and anxiety. Kona Kava Farm grows their kava in an organic certified environment. They produce good quality and very safe for consumption product. The Kava Root allows healing and restore balance to you life, which is believe to have come from the ancient wisdom of Hawaii.

The effects of Kava last about an hour and the dosage is depends on individual body. However, please follow the recommended maximum daily intake provided by FDA. Kona Kava Farm use only the roots of the Kava plants. Their kava are some of the most potent and safe because they are 90% lateral roots and are 10% underground. None of their product has ever been linked to any liver damage because they never use the stems or leaves of the plant which could damage the liver. So, knowing that Kava is safe, try it out for yourself to reduce stress, for light enjoyment and for a better well being.

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