Wednesday, December 12, 2007

This year end shopping experience

Early this week, I had started doing my year end shopping for Christmas. The shooing mall is always packed this year round. With the mega year end sale that offers up to 70% discounts and buy one free one offer, it is a shopping heaven for shopaholics a like. But I am no shopaholic. For 3 days I came home with an empty handed.

I have a few things on mind that I wanted to buy but for these past 3 days I have only managed to scout around for those items, comparing designs and prices, considering which to buy, weighting and adjusting to my budget. Hence, at the end nothing ever got bought. I am not giving up just yet. This round of shopping is very important. At least I just could not miss shopping around for Christmas gift.

I am still planning and counting how many types of gifts I need to buy this Christmas. And the fact that I keep on changing my mind is definitely not helping. I wish I could just have RM500 extra to spend. That would make my burden and decision making much more manageable. Oh dear! Christmas is just two weeks away! And I am still scoring zero on the preparation part. I am really slow to start on my year end shopping this year. Looks like it would turn that I would be rushing here and there to buy this and that at here or there. Oh! That would be a crazy shopping mad rush for me. Arghhhh, I still hope not!


Tot's Mom said...

Don't worry! I'm also a last minute person. And I always end up arguing with my husband what to buy for his sisters' kids. Arghhhh... ;(

sting said...

sigh.. me too.. shopping not completed yet.. :-)

Amidrin said...

tot's mom - ya, that could be frustrating sometimes when those arguing comes in but at the end you and your husband still managed to get those gifts right ya?

sting - oh! you too? haha... then we can compare who got their shopping done the fastest!