Thursday, July 30, 2009

Spontaneous Holiday Escapade (11th - 12th July 2009)

Almost 3 weeks ago, I had this nice relaxing holiday trip to Damai Laut, Perak. The night before the trip and without telling me where to go, Ald asked me to pack my things. He said it's a surprise as he wants me to be pampered. I only get the glimps of the idea that we are going to the beach! I have not had any holiday trip out of town for the past 3 years. So I was feeling a little exited.

We head out early Saturday morning. It was a long trip and we had a hard time finding the place but it worth the effort. We stayed in Swiss-Garden Golf Resort & Spa which is a very private and exclusive resort near Pangkor Island. The place is beautiful and relaxing. I will let the pictures speak for itself.

After checking in and placing our belongings, we head on to Samsara Spa. I booked an appointment for a massage service. This is what my 'dear' meant by pampering me. I had a very relaxing time enjoying the massage session which lasted for 1 whole hour while he goes wondering around alone. Haha.... The Spa owner recommended me the Samsara Touch massage. The service is good. Before leaving the Spa, they served me some Ginger Tea. It's my first time having Ginger Tea. Never knew that I would like it.....

Dinner on our first day, we had BBQ Seafood Buffet by the sea side. I have forgoten what is the name of the restaurant. After a long day journey and sight seeing, we were famished. So, a buffet dinner is our best option. I kept on refilling my plates with all the grilled stuff, not touching any of the fried rice, fried mee/ meehoon, or any of those normal side dishes, except the chili crab. I lost count of how may plates of food I had - must have put on 2 kg of weight. LOL!

On the next morning (our last day), although feeling sleepy and tired, we woked up early and head out for the complementary buffet breakfast. I couldn't eat that much compared to last night's hearty meal. Well, my stomoch needs some resting (obviously). After breakfast, we head on to the beach one last time and then had a game of snooker and carom. Also not to forget, we had another round of cam-whoring before we left.

Look! I am as happy as a kiddy!

Thank you very much for this wonderful trip! I was delightfully happy.....

Monday, July 27, 2009

Back and again......

I've been absent from blogging for quite sometime..... Not that I could not really find time to do so. Have been having writer's block for the past six months or so.... I read on a blog (someone I knew) whom had someone shared with her this phrase "I could do whatever I wanted and didn't have to push myself if I didn't want to". Such simple yet encouraging phrase that I think it suits me well. I am those people who tend to push ownself harder than they did to others. I can be such a perfectionist! But I tried not to - thanks to my occasional laziness that creep into my life that stop me from being a living hell to those people around me.

Recently, I've heard from my superior who chatted with my subordinate who are living the company. My subordinate said I am different from the rest of the Team Leader he worked with. My superior sums it all saying that I am very discipline or can be considered strict. So my next question to my superior is... did my subordinate complained that I am too strict? My superior said no just that from what he gathers, I can be seen as a very discipline person. Well, discipline is good right? It has to be..... though my superior said it's good. I am aware that initially it might be hard for those working under me who has to perform or at least match up to the high standard that I impose. I have since learn to be not so rigid and learn to measure others by their own capabilities not my own. I believe I am getting there......

At work, I've been constantly living in the past and yet coming back to the present. Still having the blissful memories of those happy times I had when my friend, Judy is still working here with me. During that time, I was never lonely at work. Coming back to the present time, since I rejoin this company without Judy working here, I've been trying to get my own click but the feeling of belonging seems to never last long no matter how hard I tried. It bothers me at the beginning. Then I noticed that it might be due to some jealousy issues. Then I just bury myself in work and stop bothering. And then I just stop trying..... making friends which having advantage of each other, pulling each others leg, having a poker face are not my motive of coming to work everyday. Having said that, I just realized it's not worth it chasing after those things. After all, what are the use of having colleague-friends who be friends with you without having a genuine or sincere friendship in mind? In work place, there's always power-crazy, advantage-taker, back-stabber, selfish-b***hes/b****rds, green-eye-monsters lurking around in the office trying to do their thing hoping that no one notices their true colour. So, beware!