Monday, November 17, 2008

I'm back from Perth

Last week I was on business trip to my company's office located in Perth, Australia. It is a very nice place to work and stay, in my opinion. Although many might say it's a very boring place to live in, I beg to differ. Will tell more in another blog post I will prepare when I have time later. This is my first business trip out of the country and I was feeling pretty exited about it. Given the opportunity to stay and work there for a week is really worth while and a heck of an experience. I have had a very hectic schedule and tons of things to look after on on-going projects in KL office altough I am not around. Was a little dissapointed that the operations of my team in KL office here cannot go on smoothly wihout me being there. Sigh... when will they learn to work thing out without being fully dependent on me.

Well, today was my first day of work after back from Perth late last Saturday night. And I can see all my work piling up to the ceiling. So, not more relaxing and slow moving paste for me for the next 1 month before I go have my 2 weeks well deserving good holiday during Christmas week and the week after. So, wish me luck on getting all my workload clear up on time! When I can steal some time, I will surely post all the nice lovely pictures and tell a long story about what I did in Perth. Stay tune.......

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

My Fruity Lunch

Mix Fruits

Once a while I only have fruits for my lunch during working days. This Mix Fruits stacked into a medium size plastic cup from MBG Fruit Shop located at a setup booth stall in The Gardens, Mid Valley, KL is my favourite fruit stall. Although the price tag for all the many selections of fruits there are a little bit expensive than the norm, but this Mix Fruits that I always bought is value for money compare to the cut fruits sold in an individual pack. And all the cut fruits sold there are fresh and clean. Cut fruits sold in individual pack price ranges from RM1.30 - RM4.50. My favourite Mix Fruit choice cost me RM3.50 only. It usually has red apples, green apples, pears, tomatos, grapes, and sometimes with kiwi, watermellons or strawberries. Great to have this for lunch when I am not hungry but want to have something light and healthy.