Friday, December 14, 2007

Shopping success!

After many failed attempt to shop for anything the past few days, I finally bought something yesterday. I bought a nice keychain (see picture on the left) from ROOM, a shop selling nice and cute interior room items. The keychain is in the shape of a golf club. My company department is having a small Christmas eves party on the 24th December and we are having gift exchange session too. So, this keychain is my gift for the exchange. I wonder who will get it and whether they will like it or not. I have window shop around for almost a week before deciding what gift to get. Oh! Why do I even bother about that since many don’t even bother what they are buying for the gift exchange as long as it is within the stipulated budget. Hmm…. That’s typical human thinking. I was once like that too but somehow, I beg to differ this time.

After I bought the keychain, I still have time to shop around for some other things. I stop by a few shops selling women’s clothing, trying to look for a suitable blouse as Christmas gift for my mom. But I ended buying a nice pretty dress and a skirt for myself instead! It was unplanned but I saw that there is big discount and I found one really nice dress from Urban & Co. The normal price selling at RM 189, now less 70%. With a few wedding dinner coming this month up to February next year, this purchase on impulse pretty much justifies my action. Hahaha…. As for the skirt, it only cost me RM 39 (normal price RM 129). Then I head over to Metrojaya to buy the necklace that I have considered it for a few days. This necklace will goes with the blouse and skirt I am wearing for a friend’s wedding dinner tomorrow.

So, that’s what I have managed to buy so far. Well, it’s not much but it’s a start. I still have many other Christmas gift items to buy. Year end shopping money goes out like water. The only good news is, it’s Year End Sale time and it is Christmas time where we spread our love around and give gifts with good tidings!


Tot's Mom said...

Well, at least you got a few things there.
Happy SHopping!

Amidrin said...

Happy shopping to you too!