Monday, November 19, 2007

Part 2: Beloved Sister's Wedding ~@ 07-07-07

This is the second part to the long awaited continuation of my beloved sister's wedding that I blog about few months back (first part). To those people who always read my blog, sorry for the long wait ya. I was waiting for those photos ready so that I can post some of the nice pictures here.

In the early morning of the wedding day, around 6am the makeup artist came over to my house to start putting on makeup for my sister. I was still sleeping (obviously). Not long after that, the three bridesmaid arrived one by one and later had their makeup done by the same makeup artist. I like my sister's makeup. Looks nice and naturally done. It doesn't look cake-up at all. I woke up around 7.15am still feeling sleepy. I just put on a very simple attire for the church wedding reception without any makeup on. I looked terribly tired and ugly that morning because lacking of sleep. Anyhow, it was a wonderful and joyous occasion that I would not want to be missed.

Around 9am, David (the groom) arrived at my house. The bridesmaids and few other friends had played a prank on the groom with their well planed obstacles task that he has to go through. There are a few stages that the groom has to go through in order to be allowed into the house to see the bride. Seeing them perform their very best was very memorable and hilarious at the same time. My sister was waiting in the room upstairs throughout the whole time while the groom was being 'tortured' downstairs.

Around 10.30am, everyone started leaving my house to go to church for the wedding ceremony which began around 11am.

I am happy to see my sister looking so happy throughout the day. And I am sure she felt her happiness deep down in her heart too. It was such a fast moment from the time the announcement of their wedding came a year ago and to the time where the actual day of the wedding took place. I wasn't very prepared to welcome that day. Seems a little hard to grasp at that time. My beloved sister is getting married. Gosh! As much as my mind wanted to accept that fact, my heart was a little burden by it. Partly because I would missed having her around all the time I guess. And those sorts of memories that we spend time together before she got married will never be written the same again.

Part 3 of my beloved sister's wedding will be coming up next. I will be talking about the memorable wedding dinner on that eventful 7th of July 2007.


Tada!!! Cute and lovely.

(background) My blur look early in the morning.

Groom arrival at my house.

(My brother) "Wait! Don't come out. See how much ang pow you gave first." heeheehee....

David and his 'brothers' out side the gate, facing obstacles.

Trying to 'buy' his way in.

Finally pass the front gate. Hahaha... look at all those expression.

While inside, in the front porch, part of the obstacle David have to sing out loud.

Haha... second 'road block'.


Tea ceremony.

Ready to leave the house, heading over to church wedding ceremony.

Out of the house (*sob~sob*)

Heading over to church (see my brother's reflection on the window - speachless....)

Arrive at church. Wedding ceremony begun. My dad walk my sister down the isle.



Mother and mother-in-law

David's father who is also the minister of marriage.

Saying "I do"

Maid of honour and Best man.

Signing ceremony.

Officially married.

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