Friday, November 9, 2007

Amazing 3 year old

Watch this video about a 3 year old who could create amazing drawings with his own bare hands. This kid is definitely a prodigy. I really don't know how his parents train him to draw like that. I think it is very much to do with the child's own self discovery and amazing talent. And it definitely helps a lot with his parent's encouragements. At such a tender young age he could paint like a pro. I could not even draw a cup that actually looks exactly like it is. Seeing this little kid who could paint the Teenage Mutan Ninja Turtle's face really put me in awe. And he does it so clean and simple. Truly AMAZING!!!

I just wish that people won't use this kid as a profit generator for their own's benefits and restrict his freedom when he grows up in the future.


sting said...

wow! he's good.. maybe he'll be as great as michelangelo (the artist, not the turtle!)

Amidrin said...

yeah! he might grow up to be a great artist.
it's a miracle he could do that at this very young age.