Thursday, November 22, 2007

Some news about Google PR

I have just log on to Smorty and found a new discovery on the most recent commotion about Google Page Rank (which confirmed my earlier suspicion). I have now change something on my blog because of this. The news said that Google latest changes is regard to sponsored postings. They have primary targeted PayPerPost (short form PPP) members blog and reduce their page ranks because of Google new ranking criteria now is based on quality contents not just plain advertising. Wow! What a big blow off that is. This definitely affects a lot of bloggers who majority of us are PPP members.

Smorty is kind enough to let us know and offer some advise because they know many bloggers are suffering from the PR drop that hinders them from getting good paid post offers.

  • Google can follow your sponsor post tags to determine if you are being paid for your post. So, what you need to do is remove all your sponsored post tags on each post, if you have.
  • If you are a PPP member, remove all you PayPerPost tags in your blog such as "hire me" and "review me". Any general affiliate banners is safe to have.
PPP is the 'king' of all paid to blog advertising network. That is why it is Google's primary target. As we all know, Google PR is the 'king' of all search engines ranking. So, it is now come to terms that a 'King' from a large region attacking the 'King' from another region. I guess PPP already knew what actually happen to the Google newest PR but I don't see them prominently letting bloggers know about it or have I miss out their announcement about this somewhere? Anyway, will PPP actually going to suffer much because of this new PR thing? As I know, PPP bloggers are the one who is currently being largely affected. Who do you think is the one who is suffering the most between the two?


Lemonjude said...

Thanks for inform me. I know this early in the morning and now busying to clean the the sponsor posts. Means I'm deleting alot and changing the labelling too. Google indexed that too actually.

Just knowing that doing too much tags also not something good. High PR blog give linkage to low PR blog will also effected the high PR blog get demoted.

lemonjude said...

PPP actually already having their own ranking system to postie's blog which call RealRank. Go check yours number too.

Mummy to QiQi said...

Hi Amidrin, thanks for dropping by :p

Yeah...i read bout this, but it really sounds silly...anyway i am going to update what i can now. Thanks for the reminder.

Amidrin said...

lemonjude - Oh, I didn't know PPP has now had their own ranking system now. Thanks for letting know.

mummy to qiqi - Yeah, it really sounds silly but just to be on the safe side, it's better to update our blog on that. ;p