Monday, November 5, 2007

Travel places: Spain

The country Spain the one of the three most visited countries in the world. It is also widely known by their famous regions in the country such as Barcelona which hosted the 1992 Olympic games, and Madrid which is famous of their soccer team Real Madrid. Besides being famous by their sports all around the world, Spain is a great place to go for a holiday too.

Spain is has many monuments and sights, rich in heritage which is the outcome of the different civilizations that once set foot in Spain. You may experience sunny weather, and try out their delicious Spanish cuisine. Interesting places like Torre de Bujaco and Muralla de Avila in Spain, is a must to go places. Click here for a list of best rate hotels in spain.

If you have a longer holiday time to spend in Spain, the two famous regions that I have mentioned earlier must be your next place to visit. In Barcelona, you can visit Sagrada Familia, La Boqueria, and Gothic quarter, among the many others historical monuments there. One of the picture below showing the pillars inside Sagrada Familia which are designed like trees. There are also many more other interesting places to visit in Spain. You can go to Madrid and visit the Prado museum, botanical gardens, and royal palace. I wish I could go for traveling to Spain.
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Sagrada Familia, Barcelona ........... Royal Palace, Madrid

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