Monday, November 26, 2007

Guys only gaze at pretty girls?

At the usual bus stop underneath an LRT station is where I waited for the “free ride” bus, if I took the LRT to work in the morning. Sometimes it takes longer than usual for the bus to arrive; hence what I do during the interim time is observed my surroundings area besides day dream once in a while.

I can’t help but noticed that a lot of guys like to look at girls. Not just look at the girl, and look somewhere else. But it’s the kind of look where they look at the girl (3 seconds), then look somewhere else, then look at the girl (a few more seconds), if the girl not looking their way, they will stare and gaze at the girl for a longer time until probably when they feel embarrass (which I lightly think they would), they would stop. Thinking of this, the guys probably has a reason for doing it because the girl is pretty and pleasant to the eyes? Mind you, they gaze at the girls from head to toes with a “drunkard” like expressions which I consider it rude! Only God knows what they where thinking at the back of their head.

It’s a normal perception that guys will gaze at pretty girls. No? If not, then they must be gay… Ops! Sorry, I don’t mean to offence anyone here. My point is, usually guys only look at pretty girls. But I found out something interesting but not really unusual. There’s a time where there is this over size girl walking pass, and immediately I try to look around trying to catch if there is any guys there gazing at the over size looking girl. Oh! And I found that there is! And the guys look at her from head to toes too. I think the only difference is they would have a totally different kind of perception or crude thinking on the over size girl comparing to any pretty girls they saw.

Before jumping into any conclusion, I had my little observation for 3 more months. And I extended my place of observation to restaurants and eateries places. In my observation, guys do normally gaze at pretty girls and also those not so pretty but pleasant looking enough. If they were together with their male group of friends, they will usually tell their friends there and then on their “sported treasure” and probably have their topic of discussion on girls. If you are an over size girl, the worst place you would want to be gazed at is at eateries places. Because the guys will not only look at your appearance, they will also look at what you have ordered for food and see how you eat. So, who still thinks that guys only gaze at pretty girls?

It seems cruel on how society views the subject of beauty and what’s acceptable or not. But that’s the way it is. Note the above does not apply to older woman which would be an entirely different scenario. Yet, the subject of beauty is a grey area which we could not draw a line to differentiate what is acceptable or not. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

"Beauty in things exists merely in the mind which contemplates them."
David Hume's Essays, Moral and Political, 1742


stubborn-daydreamer said...

I once saw a short documentary on KBS astro at a friend's house about why guys look at girls. A lot of korean males get interviewed, young or old, they are the same...they cannot take their eyes off pretty girls.

Moreover the program showed that when guys look at attractive girls, blood rushes up to their brain, heart and finally , you know where........hahahahaa!!!!

sting said...

sometimes, it's fun to people-watch ya.. I used to do that too.. until my baby won't let me.. he's a handful!!

Amidrin said...

stubborn-daydreamer - Haha... yeah, all guys young and old are the same. Even when they are old and unattractive, they can still be such a pervert!

sting - Yes, it's fun sometimes when you have nothing better to do! I think you'll have to wait until your baby reach teenage years then only you'll have some time to people-watch again...

FairyFeet said...

Once I overheard two guys, teenager, talking about a spotted eyecandy at the train station (I was sitting next to them). They happily comment about this girl from head to toes as if they're judging for beauty pageant, making dirty jokes out of it, making assumptions that this girl is not "fresh" and even explain in detail why they make such an assumption, describing with that "colorwolf" look and gesture... is this the so-called guys talk?

Amidrin said...

ohh! I've heard of those kind of conversation before. These guys really have no sense of respect to others even dare to speak out loud in public.

I really don't know if that's the usual conversation guys have on girls. There isn't any guys here who would like to defend themself though.