Thursday, November 1, 2007

Hair Loss Solution

I have always has hair loss problem since my teenage years. Now I am in my tweenties and my problem is still there. My hair seems to fall out quite alot sometimes and it really freak me out. Well, I read there are many factors contributing to hair loss problem. It could be malnutrition, unhealthy diet, hereditary or stress. I do noticed that when I am highly stressed out, my hair does falls out alot. And in terms of eating the right nutrition everyday, this is rather hard to keep out too because of my busy working life, which I am sure it's hard for anybody else too.

I have tried out a few hair loss product. Mainly buying those shampoos and hair tonics which claim that it helps to prevent or manage hair loss problem. Until now, I haven't found any that really works. Not to mention, it is hard to maintain on the rigorous rountine especially when I don't really don't have time.

I have thought of buying those supliment to aid hair loss problem from the pharmacies because it's more convinient but those thing like putting some chemical into my body surely not something I would risk doing. Hence, I did not try out any of those suppliments mainly because the ingredients they use does give me "safe" feeling of taking it and I don't feel it is reliable.

But there is this hair loss product that I might try out. The name of the product is called provillus. After reading the product reviewed by people who are also as sceptical as me, and who has tried Provillus, I feel more confident and trust that their product does works well. And of course I view the ingredient that they use it looks safer compare to the rest that I saw selling in pharmacies. Plus the good thing is, it offers 100% money back guarantee.

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