Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Part 1: Beloved Sister's Wedding ~@ 07-07-07

It has been 10 days since her wedding. It seems like it just happened yesterday. And I was really busy with work and did not have time to update it on my blog. We had a great photographer, Louis, who is also one of PGC church member whom we had had many times shared the joy of serving God together during my stay with PYP and we had also shared many time together in CG and BS group. He's a great brother in Christ and I can hardly believe that he has turned out to be a great photographer too. I'm still waiting for all those pictures taken during the wedding but just a glimps of it, here is the link to Louis' blogsite that he had updated a few pictures and a slide show.

**Deep breath~~** Really hard to describe what I feel about my sister getting married (well, as now has already married).

**Sob~sob~~** There's happy tears and there's sad tears. I'm happy for her that she has found a meaning in live that she could share it with someone whom she loved and be loved, and most joyfully the love they share are bound by the love of God. I am sad because I have lost one of my dear possession which memories will not be filled the same way as before but will stay forever in my heart and soul, a wonderful memories of sharing a room together, sleeping on a queen size bed together, or having her around the house doing our own separate things. There are many more things that I will dearly missed about not having her staying in the house together all the time. Words cannot discribe those things. It is better left unspoken and leave it for the heart to tendered it. All those wonderful time we had shared together over the past 25 years living together, I will always cherish and dearly missed because she is indeed my one and only dearly beloved sister who has grown up to be a beautiful and lovely lady. Talking about this makes me feel old...haha...

Although all those experience that I have had with my sister cannot be renewed again in the same manner in the present and future, I am sure we both will find the joy in each other's company again, doing the things we both likes best ~ spending quality time together shopping, chatting and having meals together.


firethorn said...

i like the photography by Louis. they're so wonderful and captured the essence of the wedding. No wonder people say "pictures are worth a hundred words". really cool, you make sure you get him for you own wedding photography :)

congrats to your sis too !

Amidrin said...

Ya, Louis is really good. I am sure to get him to be my photographer on my wedding too. There's more pictures taken and I am still waiting for him to send it to me. Will post it here later.

On behalf of my sis, thanks!