Friday, July 27, 2007

My dream phone

As I was browsing through the internet a while ago, it suddently cross my mind that I have forgotten to blog this down. My dream phone.....

Sony Ericsson K550i. Why I choose this phone? First of all, I would like to have a camera phone. Seconly, I think Sony Ericsson is a pretty good choice because they come together with the famous Sony Cyber Shot capabilities (though not as great as the real camera but still sufficient). Thirdly, I like the design especially with the colour white.

Although the technology of implementing cameras on phone has been available for some time now, believe it or not I haven't use or own any of those. Call me back dated as you may, I don't see it as a need or necessity before this because we can always buy a digital camera to take pictures. But when have I started to change my mind? Since I started to blog of course!

I still can't hardly believe that I someday would join the blogging community. Don't know how long I will last also.... Besides, who would be bringing camera all the time everywhere you go? As an option, it's not that convinient to be bringing your camera everywhere with you. Ok, back to talking about my facination on this camera phone. This model K550i is not the newest or latest of the K-series as of now. It's not that old either. But I choose to have this model because, to me a 2 megapixel camera phone is sufficient enough for me to freely take pictures to share it here besides capturing those important moments as a reminder for myself or for future use etc.

As for now, I haven't purchase it yet. Still waiting for the price to drop further down before I really decides to buy it. Yep! I admit, I am that poor... hehehe....

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