Monday, July 23, 2007


Japanese food has always been my favourite. It used to be a luxury food in our country many many years ago. Now it is normal to have it whenever you like but still not as often as our usual rice and dishes kind of food. Anyhow, it is not difficult to find the nearest Japanese restaurant with either cheap or expensive price range in KL, or you can even go for buffet style if you are really into it.

I have always like going to a buffet style Japanese restaurant. Not that I am a big eater like I can eat a cow, it's just that I prefer having the wide sellection of food to chose from without feeling guity of how much it cost to eat the same dish over and over again because you only have to pay one price for any sellection or amount of food you eat in buffet.

One of the Japanese buffet restaurant that I wanted to try out is Jogoya at Star Hill. I heard that the food there is good and many sellections. The price is of course a bit pricy, around RM 100 per person compare to some other cheaper options like Shin-NiChi which cost around RM50 per person.

Though it feels good to be able to go for the buffet style whenever the cravings comes, just a quick fix to the nearest Japanese restaurant (without the buffet) like Sushi King or Gengi Sushi will do for me. Hmm... I wonder where on earth in Malaysia would have a restaurant which serve beautifully made sushi design like the picture here....
Can you bear to eat this?

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