Monday, June 4, 2007

Amy Wong's Wedding

It's almost a month since I attended Amy's wedding on the 6th May 2007. She is a long lost friend which we recently met. She's a primary school mate of us, living just near by my housing area but we didn't keep in touch until recently. She's a good athlete in school and has grown up to be a very pretty girl. She wore a transparent looking white dress as her 1st dress for that night (as seen on the picture here). With her great figure, of course she looks gorgeous. Later on, she changed in to a modern looking traditional two piece dress that she had it custom made by a designer friend of hers. In that she looked stunning too. She'll look nice in pratically anything as she has a great figure and a very nice fashion sense to go with.

Her wedding night was wonderful. I have had an enjoyable time chatting with friends and savouring the 8 course chinese dinner. The dinner started quite late as I can remember, we were all famish. We finished up most of the dishes except the last 3. Not bad for a table of 9 girls...haha... Too bad I didn't have the chance to taste the desert because I have to leave early at 10.30pm Aldrin is already there to pick me up.

Congratulations Amy, on your wedding.... Hope you have a wonderful and blessed marriage.

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