Monday, June 11, 2007

My workdesk

Got a chance to snap a few pictures of my current workdesk at Synovate. Many thanks to my dear friend Judy, who came over for a short visit last Friday (8th Jun). I borrowed her camera to snap the pictures.

Note my new set of PC and 17" Flat Screen monitor...hehehe.....Provides me a wide spacious and tidy environment for my desk. Cool ehh?

I love my work place now. Since shifted down to the newly renovated 9th Floor office, I have enjoyed the nicely designed and colour decorated walls, pantry, chairs and desks. However, I am not much of a decorative person, therefore my workdesk do looks a little dull...Anyone care to sponsor me some money for decorations? hahaha.... Nah..I don't care much decorating it, unless it's my own home! I do not have intention to turn this place into my 2nd home.

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