Monday, June 4, 2007

Live Job

Finally officially begin started scripting my first live job on the mrStudio. Since April this year, I have been officially transfered to an offshore DP team in Synovate. Previously I was attatched with Malaysia DP team for 3 years since 2003 (minus 1 yr out of Synovate). There are numerous offshore DP team now based in Malaysia office. I am now attatched with Fieldwork International Healthcare scripting team. Job function and platform being used is very different from my previous ones. Been waiting for the transfer since last year September I think... now am happy with the job and pay increment especially .. hehehe.... Also, got the chance to do something very different, which I am now only need to do interview scripting for online panel.

Already had training in April. Ben Grey, CAI Manager in charged of offshore scripters from Fieldwork International Healthcare, based in London, came over to Malaysia to gave us training on Dimension and mrStudio which I would be using from now onwards. The training was about 2 weeks and after that I had a few test jobs to practise. It was very tough for me since it require quite a lot of programming skills in doing the interview scripting. I have lost touch with real programming skills for quite long. Luckily there's a new guy just joined my team who are able to help me with it.

For this 1st live job, I am blessed with a short and simple questionnaire. It is all about medicine and treatment. Since this Synovate sister company that I am now attatched with only deals with healthcare related matter, therefore all the questionnaire that I will be receiving contains a lot of medical jargon that I have to get used to. It is really important for me to understand the questionnaire better in order to script it correctly.

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