Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Japanese Buffet Lunch

On Sunday 3rd June, I had a Japanese buffet lunch at Shin-NiChi with my favourite friends. There were 9 of us there, 3 of them are new friends to me ( 1 is Michelle's friend, 2 are Wai Ling's friend ). It is to have a combine birthday celebration for Michelle, Amy and me. Both Michelle and Amy's birthday falls this month but mine was one and a half months ago that gathering was cancelled. Only Pui See and Lyn Yen did not turn up on that day.

Both me and Wai ling arrived first at the same time. So, we started out our plunder first. Head on to the fresh oysters and sea foods. The oyster is really fresh and they are very generous with the refilling. Apart from the fresh seafood, there are of course the famous sushi, tempura, teppan and some chinese cruisine like Monk Jump Over the Wall and Ginseng Chicken (both are famous chinese soups). Of the two type of chinese soup there, I only tried the Monk Jump Over the Wall. Was really tasty. If I can recall, I had 3 round of food and 1 soup on that day. Wow, really filling. I actually feel full after finishing the 1st plate, but very tempted to try on other type of food there.

I had a wonderful time there eating and chatting. I am sure everyone enjoy it too. Our conversation that day touch on our childhood time to ghost stories. Don't really know where the ghost stories stared off, all I know is I am really into ghost stories and found myself feeding into every bits and details of it, not feeding more of the food..hahaha....

In the end, two hours after that, slightly after 2pm I left and the rest are still there chatting and eatting until 3pm as I heard. Overall, the food there is nice and fresh. The price is RM45++ for the buffet. I think it's really value for money because they have alot of fresh seafood and wide sellection of food. Must try the green tea ice-cream for desert if you are there. Here is the website link at Shin-NiChi Japanese Buffet Restaurant. It is located at Kompleks Antarabangsa, just between Hotel Equatorial and Hotel Crown Plaza at Jalan Sultan Ismail, KL. If you do not drive there, you can take the KL Monorail and stop at the station in front of Wisma Genting/Hotel Crown Plaza ( station Raja Chulan if I am not mistaken ), walk on your right is Kompleks Antarabangsa after Hotel Crown Plaza. Very convinient and easy to find the place.


rin-en said...

aiya...why lahhh...wished i could split myself into half

Amidrin said...

ohh..never mind lar... the next round gathering u make sure u come no matter what ya!