Wednesday, June 27, 2007

My opinion on M'sia medical treatment quality

As I read and heard on news about people complaining and sueing hospitals here in our country over the years, I can't help but speculate how true is it behind what lies in the stories of those victims or deceases's family's plea on getting justice for the misfortune happen while blamming those hospital for negligence. And most of these cases happened at the most critical time which is at the emmergency centre. Since I have recently first experienced it myself, now I really believe how true those stories can be. Although the hospital counterpart is wrong, they will surely find ways to cover their mistakes and put the blame on others. Because it always happens in a government or semi-government hospitals, it has become their top specialties in doing "cover-up job" as in plastic surgery to cover-up body defects.

If you happen to be one of the patients in these type of hospitals, it is better that you do further research youself on the diagnosis given by them and most importantly research on the symtoms you are having to prove whether their diagnosis is correct or wrong. You may be surprise of how vast and informative the internet can be. Most of the medical information you need can be easily found through the internet search engines. With those information you have found by yourself, you will of course need to consult physicians about it because there's still nothing that can beat the knowledge and expertise of a physician. Get other doctor's opinion about your diagnosis if you feel the first diagnosis given is not so correct. It is your body, you'll know better if something is not right.

With all the fuss and complains about government or semi-government hospitals, no doubt you may expect a much better treatment in a private ones. Well, if you have the money or the means of financial support, do not ever consider going to a non-private ones because it may complicate your life further with unnecessary trauma and stress. However, there are also some negligence and bad treatment happens at private hospitals but the cases and chanses of it happenning are far more lesser.

Anyhow, my point is, if you feel something is not right about any treatment or diagnosis given in any hospital that you went to, it is better that you quickly do some research yourself together with getting other doctor's opinions. Don't wait too long or have care less attitude because it is your life who is at stake. I have cheated death once and really thank God for his protections and care. Some people might not be as lucky as I am....

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