Friday, February 29, 2008

I'm back!

Wow! It has been a very busy week for me and work has taken hold of my blogging time for the past 1 week. Staying back late at work and juggling meetings, presentation preparation, solving programming queries and meeting out with friends, all this happen in this 1 week time. It is only until now that I have some spare time to update my humble blog. My sleep was greatly affected through out the whole week too. Having insomnia for alternate nights..... Hmmm... now I wonder whether it's all because I have changed my monitor positioning following my company's superstition on hiring a Fengshui master as what I have complained about on my previous post.

Althought some may say that Fengshui is a science, not superstition, I still beg to differ because of the fact that it was a "prediction" by the so called Fengshui expert and what they usually say is you have to wear some certain colour during a stipulated day/time to avoid so and so (bad things) from happening, or you've got to buy a crystal decoration (or what-so-ever item) to put at that exact location pin pointed so to increase wealth and prosperity, etc.. .etc.... All this is based on the so called "predictions" or calculations which they deem to be called scientific!?

It is also said that Fengshui is not superstitious because it's a study about our environments and how it affect our well being, and also about how we can live harmoniously within our surroundings. In the case that I was being "told" to follow what the Fengshui master said that I have to change my monitor positioning at my work desk so to reduce my work pressure, on contrary I had really felt my work pressure increasing after I obliged to making the change and this is what called living harmoniously within my surroundings!? If I really believe that it's actually the change in my monitor positioning that make me having insomnia since the change happen, then I would deem to be superstitious isn't it? But of course I am not going to believe that! What I believe on what's happening to me now is just because of my current contact with a fussy client and working long hours makes my mind restless on trying to solve working problems even during sleeping hours. It is an emmotional battle, in my case and all these are solved when I find solace in God.

Another thing that I could think of why Fengshui can be categorized as superstitious believe is for example, a business man has a lot of wearies, lack of peace, trouble sleeping, health deteriorating and business has not been good. He went to consult a Fengshui master and hence were given some solutions on how to combat his bad state. He follows what the Fengshui master said and make those adjustments like renovating his house, repainting his company building, etc... etc... and his bad situation improved. Instead of accepting the fact that it was because his lack of confidence in solving his business problem which brought about lots of weariness, unpeaceful mind which leads to sleep problems that eventually affected his health and business, he consulted a Fengshui master. He believe that the so called "good fengshui" helps him solved his problems. Instead of putting his trust, believe and prayers to God (which is free of charge) that could help him in times of need, he choose to rely on fengshui. So I think it's the state of a human mind on how they perceive things that makes them believe those things that they do, such as fengshui, which in a way, is kind of superstitous way of thinking. Our mind can be very deceiving and subject to evil thoughts or bad things provoked by the devil. Even we ourself cannot differentiate what is right and wrong sometimes. So where is the source of goodness that we can make reference to? Of course not through human such as Fengshui master because we are not error free. Therefore, I believe only God is able to provide a substantial solid point of reference in all things that we do and think because God is perfect and he controls all things. If God want to bless you with good health, wealth and prosperity, even if you pain your house black and wears black all your life God will bless you if it is God's will.

No offence to those who believe in Fengshui or other wise, I am just mearly saying that there is someone who holds divine power, who knows all things, who is perfect in everything, most reliable and trustable person that we all should believe in. He is God, our creator.


stubborn-daydreamer said...

Of course there's no logic in producing money by placing a certain plant in a place, but maybe it just means if you place the plant there, you feel better and can work better, hence more money will come in..ahahaa..about the science thingy, there's alot of debate even about astrology! Is Astrology science? As far as I know Fengshui is science in the ancient times for the Chinese, even astrology. The Muslim astrologers did the science experiments with err...astrology?

Oh well, even my religion tells me nothing beats diligence at work and in any bad condition if you work properly and with blessings from Him, u will succeed all the same. But anyway some ppl just believe in it...ahaha just my 2 cents.

Tot's Mom said...

Science or not, I think sometimes, certain things in life just buy us peace of mind. To some people, religion and God bring peace. To others, some other ways are the key. I don't know the answer but I guess to each his own.