Friday, February 15, 2008

My Most Embarrassing Moment

I was commenting on one of Tot’s Mom’s blog post the other day and I suddenly thought of writing a post about it on my own blog since I was blatantly talking about my own experience on my comments there. It is about one of my most embarrassing moment. Then I think it’s good to make out another tag using this real life story that I am about to share. Hence making this to be my second time creating a tag after my first one quite some time ago.

My most embarrassing moment…. Here it goes….

My boyfriend, Aldrin is the youngest in his family of 5 siblings. His mom gave birth to him around age 40 years old. So, by the time I met him, his mom were in her 60’s. I thought quietly to myself that she was my boyfriend’s grandmother before he introduces her to me as his mom. I was a little surprised as she looks about the same age as my grandma. As I was still getting used to the new relationship with him in the beginning, there was a time I was at his house and we were chatting. I can’t remember exactly what we chatted about but I remember the following conversation….

Me: Tell your grandma......

(Before I finish my sentence.....)

Aldrin: Huh? What did you just called my mom?

Me: Huh? I was just saying tell your mom........

(And I pretended that I didn’t just address his mom as his grandma hoping that he believe he had heard it wrongly instead)

As early impression was important and that happened during the early days of my relationship with Aldrin, it was really embarrassing for me. I’m not sure if he still remembered it but it was funny when I think of it.

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I would like to pass this tag to Lemonjude, Tot’s mom, Sting, Firethorn and Stubborn-Daydreamer. Anyone else interested to do this tag, you are most welcome to do it by not removing the contents in between the "Start copy.... and End copy line.


sting said...

hahaha... most embarrassing ya? argh, never thought I'll tell the world about this... :-)

Tot's Mom said...

Oh dear, I'll need to rack my brains for this one. I'll write one up if I can think of one embarassing moment soon.

Lemonjude said...

Thanks for the tag, but I have done it the same one long time ago.

Hardly think of one now :$

Amidrin said...

sting: Haha... maybe you could share the ones which you thinks it's not to embarass to share with others?

tot's mom: All right! No worries :P

lemonjude: Oh dear! Yeah, I forgot that you have done it before and I have forgoten that the tag was the same one created by someone else. Anyway, if you could think of some others, perhaps you could post one up again or just pass the tag to someone else, no worries :P