Friday, February 15, 2008

Electronic item wish list

Since my work correspondence has been becoming more globalized. Most of my work involved around servicing clients from the UK and US countries, therefore there is an increasing need for me to have my own notebook computer so that I could have the flexibility to work at home during those odd working hours. Currently I am still using the normal desktop PC at the office. My company usually provides DELL business notebook computer but I wish to have my own and I am eyeing on the new Sony VAIO notebook since it launches. I like it’s sleek and stylish design with many colour of choice to choose from.

Thinking about electronic items, it reminds me that I should buy an extra television set at home for my mom. Being kind hearted in nature, my mom rather sacrifice her desire to watch her own choice of TV channel and let us watch whet ever pleases us. So I think it is best that I surprise her with a new TV just for her some time soon. And it would be great if I could find one which offers a free ASTRO installation that comes with the product purchased, so that my mom could enjoy all the nice satellite TV channel when she retires from work.

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