Tuesday, February 12, 2008

My little house ideas

I like touring big houses especially those new ones. Since my Aunt shifted to her new house, I had the opportunity to do some house touring recently. I remember many years ago it was such a little adventure for me when I was young. My dad used to bring me to his friend’s house for visiting and being a small kid, it was easy to just go wondering around other people’s house and no one will blame me for being a snoop. As a kid, it’s easy to get away with practically anything, I presume. Well, I think it’s from my little childhood adventure that I got the interest in lurking around new houses and admiring their interior/outdoor designs and decorations. I think I will like it if I am able to visit historical buildings and places too.

Based on my last visit at my Aunt’s new house, I noticed that I haven’t lost touch on my creative and decorative sense when it comes to house decorating. I was quietly picturing on my mind on how I would decorate it if it were my own house. I noticed the house need some fine art lamps on the living room area as the original lighting of the new house was too plain and unattractive. Also, it would be nice if some fancy lighting such as those of Sea Gull lighting being fixed at some of the rooms and family room upstairs. For the outdoor garden area, it would make the place more lively and classy by just adding an artistic lighting such as those of Kichler landscape lighting arrays of choices. Well, when I have my own house, I would make it a cozy little home where everyone in my family will feel welcome and comfortable to stay.

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