Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Shop till you drop!

It has been quite long since I last heard anyone saying this phrase “shop till you drop”. I used to hear it a lot during my college years as those were the times where I spend most of my free time shopping with friends or even done it alone almost every weekends. The funny thing is I had a lot more money to spend while I was studying comparing to my time now where I am earning my own money. Duh! It was really not that fun spending our own hard earned money; I guess that is why it seems I had a lot less money to spend now. Is there anyone else agree on this? Well, the phrase “shop till you drop” no longer express the state that I am now. Not sure if it still applies to my friends though. I do wonders whether my friends still shop heavily especially during those crazy sales time.

No matter what the financial state is, I believe every women likes shopping. Perhaps, it is only during those sales season there would be more “shop till you drop” activities going on around us. That’s why we see many shopping places are so crowded during that time of the year and people usually looks for discounts items. We may think it’s wise to buy those discounts items but beware that some shops might have marked up the prices before it were being sold at a lower price during sale period. When you know that you get con, it’s not really a wise move to buy those discounts items after all.

There is always this need to look for best deal items or best buy items lurking around in our hearts sometimes if not every time. Well, if you are extremely rich then price is not the matter. Never the less, when it comes to shopping, girls will go ga-ga over it. We love to compare items and prices too. No matter how difficult to get the item, we will still go after it and find a way to get it. Now it is even easier to shop with internet being so convenient to all of us. There are many housewives who do online shopping too. With having more and more online shopping websites offering more selections and low prices, perhaps online shopping would be the new “shop till you drop” place in the near future. Well, generally girls love shopping. So guys, get over with it, okay?

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