Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Present for Mom and Dad

Me and my siblings bought these Japanese wine called Choya Umeshu for my Mom and Dad (both were given a bottle each as a birthday present). This wine is very good for health as it is added with natural fruit called UME in Japanes. This fruit is the main ingredient of the wine and it gave a very nice sour taste to it. There are two types of flavors available; Choya Umeshu which is the natural flavor, and Choya Honey Umeshu which is the only difference is it was sweetened by honey.

The effectiveness of UME:
The UME fruit contains an extremely high amount of acid, as much as that of one lemon. Besides its own type of acid, the UME also contains other organic acids. These are highly recommended for the promotion of well-being and general good health. Although UME contains a lot of acids, it is however also a strong alkaline food. The consumption of excessive meat and dairy products and leading a more stressful life profile could increase the acid content in one's blood, and this could adversely affect liver function as well as the body metabolism. Also, th lactic acid level of the body will increase and this is one of the causes of fatigue.

The benefits of UMESHU:
Besides relieving fatigue, UMESHU also provides other benefits:

  • The mocrobiological flora in the skin of UME fruits helps to relieve stomach discomfort and upsets.
  • In Japan there is a tradition for cold sufferers to take UMESHU mixed with hot water in order to warm themselves up and induce a good sleep.
  • UMESHU increases the body metabolic rate and eliminates exhaustion.
  • Keeps blood clear and pure
Since the food properties in the fruit and stone are so varied, they are being widely used for the promotion of health and beauty purposes as well.

Serving suggestions: Choya + Ice, Choya + Orange juice, Choya + Soda, Choya + Green tea, Choya + Jelly, Choya + Ice-cream, and many more depending on your own creativity. The fruits is good to be eaten by itself too.

I bought the Choya Umeshu from a shop called Shojikiya at Lower Ground Floor, The Gardens, Mid Valley. Currently they are having promotions.


Tot's Mom said...

I have seen this before but haven't had the chance to try it yet.Perhaps I should now.

stubborn-daydreamer said...

Ume(梅)is japanese plum fruit, and it's popular for making japanese wine Umeshu 梅酒 and desserts and practically whatever they could think of! My friends were going ga-ga over 梅酒 when we were in Japan last year...but I still don't get, coz it's taste is not to my liking...hehehee

Amidrin said...

tot's mom: Yes, you should try it. You can first try out the smallest bottle ones selling at RM9.90

stubborn-daydreamer: Well, I'm not sure if those you tasted at Japan is the same as the one I bought here. But I like it anyway.. hehe...

Anonymous said...

I just discovered this drink recently. Try mixing it with fresh orange juice. Conclusion - superb.