Thursday, March 6, 2008

The most precious thing

Some people are not very blessed with a good life. Some people are constantly worried about when or how are they going to get even the most basic essential items for their daily needs. Some people might have been living in a wonderful life without the need to worry about anything. Some people do not need to go through hardship of getting enough food to feed their family. Some people might have been very blessed but they suddenly lost almost everything when their world come tumbling down just because that supporting person is not here anymore.

It doesn’t matter whether you are rich or poor, but what people needed most where money can’t give is love. But we are still living in this cruel world where we need to rely on some form of material things, food and water to survive. What happen when you are really in need of financial assistance? Even water doesn’t come free. Some people might resort to selling watches or antiques items the safe up enough fund to get themselves out of trouble. This is quite prominent during olden days where people sell of whatever valuable possession they have when they are in need of money. So do rich people auction off their assets when they goes bankrupt.

Sometimes people have no choice but to have to sell off their possession in times of needs. Those possessions can be very valuable and very memorable to the person. They might need to find the right jewelry consignment or diamond consignment when the time comes for them to say goodbye to their beloved possession. No matter how painful and how much emotional battle they need to go through, but it left them no other choice. But no matter what or how many precious possession we have lost, always remember that those things are only material things which can be bought, rebuilt or destroyed. But love is different. Love cannot be bought. It love is lost, it was not really love. It is not really love if it cannot mend back broken hearts. Therefore, love is the most precious thing and the greatest possession a person could have throughout eternity.

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