Friday, March 14, 2008

My new shoes!

I bought a pair of new shoes yesterday at Metrojaya sales. It was my first pair of Santa Barbara Polo & Racquet Club shoes. I have been eyeing on their classy display of shoes design for quite some time but couldn't bring myself out for an impulse purchase. But now I finally own one and thanks to all that special discounts during the sale season. Moreover, I really need another pair of working cum outing shoes now to replace my pair of old rugged shoe. It only cost me RM39.95 for a pair of good shoes. Don't we all love sales? And, oh! I am wearing it to work today. Love it!


sting said...

oohhh... those look really good.. stable and pretty.. how high are the heels :-)

Amidrin said...

Well, the heels are just 1 and a half inches high :-)

Lemonjude said...

Thats nice, simple design. Worth to wear till it go spoilt again..