Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Love your heart

I have always loved having Campbell soup as my breakfast, lunch, dinner or even as a snack meal. Their soup is healthy and delicious. I have also tried creating my own recipe with Campbell soup. Instead of the traditional Macaroni & Cheese, I have even tried using the Campbell Mushroom Soup as my macaroni source base, after it is done just sprinkle some shredded Mozzarella Cheese on top of it and it’s ready to be eaten. It’s really simple and doesn’t take up a lot of time to prepare the dish. You should try it! Oh, not to forget their Prego Italian Sauce which comes in many flavors to suits everyone’s taste buds for their choice of pasta sauce. My favorite pasta is spaghetti of course. Who doesn’t like spaghetti? Even kids love them. It’s a cooking heaven for mommies because spaghetti meals are easy to make. With Prego Italian Sauce (any flavor you like), cooking is made a lot easier. Those who do not really know how to cook can rely on this magic sauce and make everyone enjoy their meal, like me.

Having said much about Campbell and its products, they have launched a Campbell’s Go Red campaign for fighting woman heart disease in America. It is sad to say that too few people know that heart disease is the #1 killer of American women and men. But we should not be ignorant of the fact that heart disease is largely preventable. How can heart disease be preventable? That’s the goal of this Campbell’s Go Red campaign to equip women with knowledge and tool to protect their health and reduce their risks of contacting heart disease. In fact, we should all know about it and share it with everyone we know and help protect our loved ones, family and friends from contacting this deadly disease.

Toni Braxton, a very famous singer has joined in the movement of this Campbell’s Go Red campaign. I knew her through one of her famous song titled “Un-break my Heart”. She was also one of the heart disease survivors who has shared her story and tips on heart disease prevention and how you could help up in this campaign. She will be wearing a Lisa Perry’s designed red dress for the American Heart Month in February and we get to pick the dress by voting one out for the three designed dresses. Campbell will donate $1 to American Heart Association for each vote cast.

Here’s what we all can do to help spread the word about this important campaign and fight heart disease:

  • Vote for your favorite Lisa Perry dress
  • Buy one of the Art of the Heart designer t-shirt
  • Look for healthier alternative food and drinks such as those of Campbell’s products.
  • Learn more about heart disease and how to reduce your risk
  • Encourage others to get involved

Many people in the world have issues with their heart in some way. Its important to know more about heart health and to bad habits like smoking. There is a lot of doctors you can find to get the best best medical advice is to know more about having and keeping your heart healthy.

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Tot's Mom said...

Campbell soup is great for those days when I'm just too lazy to boil those Chinese soups. I like the cream of mushroom but not too fond of the chicken one.