Saturday, January 19, 2008

Will I live to 100 years old?

67%Living to 100 Years Old

Created here by Settlement Quotes

I took this fun quiz to fill up my spare time. The title of the quiz interest me. It is a very short and simple quiz with just 11 questions to be answered. Answer options are all objective such as yes or not answers. It is nothing serious and it is fun! There are a few other kind of quizzes such as "What SuperHero Are You?", "What is Your Blog Rated?", "Are You Addicted to money?", and many others. Go try it out for yourself and you can post it on your blog too.


Tot's Mom said...

67% chance, eh? Not bad, but the question is do you want to live to be a hundred?

Amidrin said...

tot's mom, good question. Emmm... I don't think I want to live to be a 100 years old lady... haha. Thank goodness I only got 67% chances.

Tot's Mom said...

Aiya, you haven't updated your blog yet & I'm here again. If that's the case, then just let me ask why you gave only 6 points for your partner?! Everyone else gave 10, 11 even 20, although a few gave a 7 or 8. Haha! Anyway, personally, I'll give a 7. That's realistic and my way of saying there's still much room for improvement, like helping me to wash the toilet for a change!

Amidrin said...

Haha... Thanks for dropping by my blog often. Well, to answer your question, I gave a 6 points because to me, there's an extremely huge room for improvements and we are not married yet. After married, I presume there would be a point of increment too - which I greatly hope it does!