Monday, January 7, 2008

Neighbor's Wedding Dinner ~~@ 6th Jan 2008

I attended another wedding dinner yesterday night. It was my neighbor’s son’s wedding. This neighbor of mine, consist of a family of three is a very close friend of my family. We called them Aunty Tan, Uncle Tan and their only son Ah Boy. When me and my sister were schooling in primary school, we both will go to their house everyday for lunch before the school bus come and pick us up to school. Uncle Tan is a business man who manages his own business. Aunty Tan is a housewife therefore she always offered my mom to help look after us while my mom is working. It was better than being “dump” at the babysitter as it used to be because having Aunty Tan look after us, we get to be at our own home all the time. Since they only have an only son, they intended to adopt me as their god-daughter. But I refused at that time because I was too young to understand what that means.

Okay, back to talking about the wedding dinner. The venue is in the town area around 20 minutes drive from my house if there is no traffic jams. There stated on the invitation card, guest arrival 6.30pm and dinner starts at 7pm sharp. But due to the normal Malaysian time bad habit, most of the guest arrived late hence the actual dinner started around 8.30pm. This is the thing that I hate the most when attending dinner. No matter how much effort the host made to make sure dinner did not start too late, most of the guest always does not comply. Yesterday was a 10 course Chinese dinner so I can see the waiters and waitresses were rushing through serving one dish after another due to the lateness. But overall the event were being organized very well.

Unlike the normal Chinese wedding dinner, we had Yee Sang dish which were usually being served during Chinese New Year. But I guessed, it was because Chinese New Year is about to arrive hence they incorporate that dish in to the menu. So, the first dish was Yee Sang.

My first Yee Sang dish of year 2008.

I love this bunny bun (one of the desert being served at the end)

The dinner ended around 10.30pm. My stomach were so full that I felt like it was going to burst! For the past 2 weeks I have been eating a lot – for Christmas, New Year, Mom’s birthday and a wedding dinner. Oh dear! I think I must have put on a lot of weight now. I do not even dare to weight myself to find out how much the scale had gone up. So, for me now it is going to be diet time first then weight later.

*** The above are among the first picture taken with my new phone. I am still experimenting and trying to figure out how to use this new phone hence there's some blur and some clear pictures being taken.


Lemonjude said...

Not bad worr the quality of your pic from your camera phone. It can take better pic, is just that the lighting problem.

Btw, so early already got Yee Sang..but doesn't feel like CNY also even to eat it now.

Amidrin said...

Yes, the lighting I don't know how to adjust yet during that time, that's why it looks a bit dark.

Ya, when I eat the Yee Sang, I don't feel the CNY mood yet. Just eat lor...

sting said...

congrats on your first few pictures fr new hp... wah.. yee sang so early.. and I love the bunny buns.. so cute I don't think I will eat them.. hehe

Amidrin said...

sting - Yup, those bubby buns are so cute... but I ate them anyway... hahaha