Monday, January 28, 2008

Yummy raisins

I had a busy time during office hour lunch time today. Went to two banks to pay off my credit card bills and I wasted most of my time queuing up at the counter at one of the bank. This particular bank usually doesn’t have much customers waiting at the counters so this time it was quite unusual. Probably many people wanted to get their money changed for “ang pow” money to be given during Chinese New Year.

After my banking session, I went to buy some food for my lunch to be eaten in the office. No time to eat out today. Went to Jusco to buy egg sandwiches and a packet of ready-to-eat potatoes wedges. Wow! It was really filling; I shouldn’t have bought so much food when I was hungry. And I also bought these value buy raisins for Jojo. The price for the 3 packets of raisins is only RM2.99 (normal price for 1 packet is around RM1.60).

Apparently, Jojo likes to eat raisins. She will jump and spin around with some small barking whenever she sees us opens the fridge to take out the box of raisins. This has become quite an occasional treat for her. And she will gallop down those few pieces of raisins we gave her, like a hungry wolf. The last pack of raisins at home has long gone. So, I think today she’ll be very happy when I bring home these newly bought raisins.


sting said...

hehehe.. you seemed to be having fun with your new phone and I see a lot more pics on your blog now.. good good.. love it :-)

hmm, didn't know that they like raisins.. will tell my SIL (she's got a shih tzu..)

Amidrin said...

Hi, Sting. Welcome back to my blog ;D

Yes, I am having fun with my new phone. Well, I'm not sure if all dogs likes raisins but you can ask your SIL to try give it to her shih tzu. It's a cheaper alternative of "dog treats" that I found.