Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Grown-up financial commitments

Since I graduated college and venture to the outside world as any other ordinary young working adults, I have dreaded this phase of live where I have to begin to take responsibilities in managing my own financial means. When I was young, I had always looked forward to the time where I could work and earn my own living so that I could buy whatever I wanted without asking for anyone’s consent. Isn’t this what most of us quietly wish for when we were kids? To be able to buy anything without needing to ask our parent’s for money? Well, when that time around came, it was just a short blissful period of time where I could actually enjoy my hard earn money freely without having anything to worry about. That is because life back then wasn’t as demanding and complicated as I grow older.

So, as we grows older, I believe we all go through such phase in live where we need to apply some sort of financial loans to accommodate our ever increasing demand in life. Car loan for example, is a very common type of loans we all have to apply for when purchasing a car. Same as home loans when it is time to purchase your own house especially for the newly weds. These add on to our responsibility in life when we have some form of financial commitments. Well, unless you are extremely rich then you might not have to borrow any form of financial loans at all.

Another type of financial commitments which we all commonly have is credit cards. No matter where your financial standing is, we all do have credit cards, don’t we? These small rectangle cards are just so convenient to bring along everywhere without having the need to have a bulk lots of cash around. So, credit cards too, add on to our existing financial commitments on top of other small personal ones. And having a credit card is not always a pleasure. Well, it’s a pleasure to spend it but not when you need to pay up the credit card balance. It is very important to manage our financial commitments carefully and wisely. If you have failed before, it is always not too late to change and start over just as long as you have the determination to change to have a better live for you or your family.

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