Friday, January 11, 2008

Professional VS My-Own brownies

Two days ago I was given a box of chocolate brownies free from company’s expense because to celebrate FIAP HQ achievement. As we all know, Secret Recipe is very famous of their cakes. But I do not fancy cakes. So, I opted for brownies when order was taken. Chocolate flavour preferred. I did not go and buy it myself of course. Manager went and bought it and I even kept declining the free food choices given and came up with my own choice. Hahaha…. I felt a little bit too over fussy when I came to think about it.

Co-incidentally yesterday was a public holiday and I had already planed to make my own chocolate brownies at home. With the professionally made brownies from Secret Recipe that I got the day before, I still go along with the plan of making my own brownies with walnuts. This is the second time that I have made my own following the Lowfat Fudgy Brownies recipe. The first time was two weeks ago for my mom’s birthday. According to the recipe, it makes 36 servings and 2 inch thick but it came out to 16 servings and 1 inch thick when I done it. I wonder where went wrong. Those who tasted it said it was nice and asked me to make it again. So, yesterday evening I began baking after I had finished up eating those from Secret Recipe. What’s the outcome?

Secret Recipe brownies –Heavenly delicious!

My-own brownies - Almost yuckies! And I thought second attempt would be better than the first. I am still figuring out what went wrong. Anyway, thank God it was still edible.

I can’t remember since when I started to like the taste of chocolate brownies. But I remember reading the facts that brownie generally have lesser sugar, lower carbohydrate and lower in fat compare to the usual whatever flavour cake that we eat. This is also one of the reasons why I eat brownies and not cakes. Cakes are just too creamy for my liking.


stubborn-daydreamer said...

i think it looks ok! :P so when's our turn to get to taste your home-made brownies?

stubborn-daydreamer said...

i think it looks ok! :P so when's our turn to get to taste your home-made brownies?

sting said...

brownies! love them too :-) but sorry, can't help with the recipes though.. we hardly make cakes at home.. :-) good luck with the recipe ya..

Amidrin said...

stubborn-daydreamer - haha.. are you sure you really want to taste my brownies? It does looks nice but when you eat it, it's a different story. Well, at least let me perfected it first then I will let you guys taste it ya.

sting - I might try making it differently the next time round. Haha...