Tuesday, January 30, 2007

About Jojo

Jojo is the center of our love life now. Since the day she came into our life, we have been busy keeping ourself, if not each other busy in taking care of her. She is 3 months old then. It's like taking care of a baby, an addition into the family....so to speak. Yes, she's part of our family. Like someone very dear to our heart (at least to us both). We call her our beloved "daughter", our "little princess".

Birthdate: 21st December 2005
Type: Australian Silky Terrier
Likes: Eating (especially not her dog food), playing, sleeping, sunshine in the morning, and eating......
Dislike: Bathing (she'll hides away if she knows we are going to bath her)
Fav. Food: Cheese, fried chicken, meat balls, eggs, practically interested to eat anything except her own food.
She's cute, joyful, playful, loving, food lover, intelligent & very good at jumping.

Here are the picture of her at age 3 months old.


At 6 months old.

At 6 months old, her fur is long and fluffy... but alot of tangles because we didn't comb her at all. We started to nick name her "Little Bear Bear".... Took her to professional groomers for having her nails cut, fresh bath and grooming of course.


At 10 months old.

Clean cut look. We had to take her to the pet groomer to get all her fur cut off because she had an ugly tangled fur all over her body.... poor Jojo was quite unhappy after she had her fur cut off. But she's ok after Daddy gave her a kiss... At first she had cute yellow ribbons on top of each of her ears but we took it down because she's uncomfortable having it tied up tightly around her ears. Didn't got the chance to take her picture with the ribbons on her. She looks very cute with it though.

Yet to take her picture after her fur grown back. So, comming up next is picture of Jojo after her fur grown back nice and beautiful......

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