Monday, February 23, 2009

The Awesome Site Award

I have not been logging on to my humble blog for quite some time now. Oh wait... it has been almost 2 months! Oh dear! That's already 2 months wasted for not recording some interesting/ boring things happening in my life. I blame it on my hectic working lifestyle and my lack of appreciation on having my own space to do my own things. It has been all about typing on my work laptop keyboard and staring at the laptop screen until late at night since I resume my work after taking a 2 weeks holiday during Christmas time last year. It seems like the 2 weeks off has earned me an additional 2 months of overloaded work. Whereas there are some people happily enjoying yet another holiday - New Year, Chinese New Year, and another few other holidays in between for the past 2 months. Where is the fairness in this?

Ops! Sorry, I have been grumbling and talking crap in this blog entry almost unnoticed that I am actually off topic on this blog title "The Awesome Site Award". I am really happy to have received this award from Jo-N who gave it to me not too long ago. Sorry, for being MIA (missing in action) for quite some time and did not respond to this soonest possible. Thank you for remembering me and presented me with this award. It was really sweet of you and it meant alot to me.

Now I would like to present this award to the following deserving real and blogging friends:
Chenille (FairyFeet)
Dad.Mom.Chat (Tot's mom)
First Love (Michelle)
Lolipoops everywhere
Magical Milestone (Sting)
A Moonlight Rendezvous (U.Lee)
Munmun's Trail
My Memories, As Time Goes By (Martini)
This is my life by Osindak


Uncle Lee said...

Hello Amidrin, really nice to have you resurface again after MIA. Much ayer has flowed down Sungei Gombak since last saw you.

Terima kaseh seribu Amidrin for your kind thoughts and this warm gesture.
I really appreciate it very much.
Macham dapat Academy Award....Its beautiful.

Thank you.

You just stay easy, keep a song in your heart and have a nice day. Best regards, Lee.

Anonymous said...

hi Amidrin, that's life, glad to see you on the blogosphere again :)

and thanks a lot for your "Awesome Site Award". I appreciate very much.

Tot's Mom said...

So, you have been busy... never mind, just blog whenever you can and feel like it. Just don't stress yourself out unnecessarily. Anyway, thanks for your award. Being so busy, still can remember me... I'm flattered!! :)

firethorn said...

wahaha.. an award for me too?? yay~! :P

Thanks! thanks! muaks muaks muaks!

Keep on writing (when you are free) ;-)

lolipoops said...

Wahhhh I don't know how to reciprocate the award but thanks dear amidrin!! You really should blog moreeee :D