Thursday, March 26, 2009

Annoying Phone Calls

I had experienced (a few times) having someone calling my mobile phone informing me that I had won a free holiday and ask me to go to a certain place to claim my air ticket. I never like to entertain these type of telemarketing calls although it was nice to hear that I had won something. But I have not join any kind of contest so how am I to have won? I am not those kind of people who falls easily to marketing schemes with the exception if it is health related. I am very sure they usually trick you into meeting up with them so that they can coax you into buying something where in turn you have the free holiday/ gifts. Receiving these type of calls few times a month is pretty annoying. There is a website WhoCalledMyPhone enable anyone who wants to voice out their frustrations or warn others about those unwanted phone calls they received. The website is also beneficial to people who wants to finds out who or where those phone calls are comming from.

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catherine said...

O seems I have long time didn't give you a "call", now I'm calling thru giving comments :) How r u lately? May God bless you and your family every day and night.