Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Surprise morning

It's Wednesday morning. Go to work as usual. While taking a lift to my office I accidentally bum into Siew Lee. Wow.... what a co-incidence. We haven't met in ages since we graduated I think. A few weeks back, I receive a wedding dinner invitation from her which is held this Friday night. On the way to work I was thinking what to wear to her dinner..... and just out of a suddent I saw her there at the lift lobby.... haha.... She hasn't changed much, so I recognize and sure it was her therefore I greeted her. She was surprise to see me too... though I was afraid that she doesn't recognize me but I think she do. We have a little chat in the lift and she told me she has been working here for just over a year now, at 8th Floor Menara IGB, Mid Valley. While I was here since year 2003, left the company for a year and came back April 2006, we haven't met before here at Mid Valley. How ironic that I was looking forward to met her this Friday. Well, it's good to know that she's working here at Mid Valley. As my work department now shifted down to the 9th floor from 19th floor and 18th floor previously. Sigh....... 2 days more to Siew Lee's wedding dinner and I am still thinking of what to wear.....

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